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Essential Links for Beginners

  • The Content Providing FAQ is a step-by-step guide through the entire content providing process, from chosing the book to getting a clearance, all the way to scanning and preparing the OCR for your proofers.
  • Jargon related to Content-Providing: this explains the Content Providing Jargon, from 'Abby Finereader' all the way to 'Worldcat'.
  • Getting Help from db-req: There are some things you can't do as CP/PM, or which can be done faster by someone who has direct access to the DP database, such as adding missing illustrations. This shows you what kind of requests you can send to the db-req team.
  • The Official "No Dumb Questions" Thread for Content Providers Use this thread for any questions you may have about providing content--DPs expert team of CPers are ready to help!

Choosing a project

Checking and clearing works

  • Is your project in the public domain? Copyright clearance explains how to check whether your book is in the public domain.
  • Identifying already published or cleared texts: Thousands of projects have already been cleared and are in progress. This explains how to identify these works and avoid duplicating someone else's effort.
  • Searching the Copyright Renewals: There was a time where each book had to have its copyright manually renewed in order to retain it. Works which were renewed under this law are listed in the Copyright Renewals.
  • Is text available elsewhere?: Project Gutenberg isn't the only producer of online works. This explains how you can check if your text has already been done by another eBooks site.

Scanning a project

  • Recommended Scanners: A forum thread to recommend and discuss scanners which are suitable to provide scans.
  • Book scanners: A list of recommended scan hardware. The material on this page is dated, and scanner technology changes quickly enough that it's better to look for online reviews, and ask in the forums for current information.
  • Scanning tips: This is a script to help perform some of the scanning functions--it automatically 'flattens' the image and convert from greyscale to black/white. Last documented to work with GIMP 2.4.
  • Preparing page scans: How to make the perfect scans for your proofers/formatters.
  • Preparing illustration scans: How to provide perfect illustrations for the final HTML version of the project.

Missing Pages

  • How to avoid missing pages in your project: A few tips on how to avoid the CPs worst nightmare: missing pages.
  • Missing Pages: Use this page to request scans of missing pages. Of course you can also help others complete their projects.
  • Missing Page Finders: If your project contains missing or incomplete pages, and you are unable to find a replacement, you can check here for volunteers which may be able to help you. It also shows which libraries they have access to.

Harvesting from online

OCR/Text Preparation

Advice for Mac Users

Types of project

Miscellaneous Links

  • Uses of Project Gutenberg etexts: Are you wondering whether those hours behind the scanner are worth it? This explains the many ways in which our eBooks are used and distributed once they have been submitted to PG.
  • Books Created Graphs: This shows the volume of books created each day, in monthly and 'lifetime' graphs.

Project Management

Where and how to get help from other volunteers

  • Illustrators Team: This is a team dedicated to the gentle art of cleaning up illustrations. If you are not sure how to turn those black smudges back into the wonderful greyscale illustration they once were, you can go here for advice and assistance.