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Here are some common issues that proofers and foofers have questions on. Many of these vary by project--or are not explicitly addressed in the Guidelines--and therefore require a PM ruling. Please address these issues, if applicable, in the Project Comments.


  • If the page scans are larger than normal (e.g. over 100 kB) and the large size is necessary, it's good to warn people in case they're on dial-up. For instance: "Please note these images are somewhat larger than normal. There was no way to take them to less than this while maintaining clear text. The image files are less than 150k each."

Proofing Issues

  • Mid-dots. If your project has mid-dots, please state whether they should be proofed using the mid-dot from the dropdown menu OR as a standard period.
  • Multiplication symbols. These often occur in dimensions, as well as in mathematical formulas. Please state a preference for the × symbol from the dropdown menu, or the standard letter x (lowercase) or X (uppercase).
  • Straight Apostrophes? These come up in pronunciation guides and minutes & seconds in non-LaTeX projects. Please indicate whether proofers should use the straight apostrophe/quotation marks or the slanty-looking one that's in the pull-down menu (the acute accent character ´).
  • how to handle any music
  • what to do with any handwritten text
  • how to handle text in illustrations
  • if page headers should be kept and, if so, how handled
  • asterisks that are used as ellipses should (or should not) be kept as is
  • degree sign/masculine ordinal/^o

Formatting Issues

  • how to handle any dashes in the index
  • how to tell section headers and chapter headers apart
  • how to mark non-standard divisions, e.g. multiples books in one
  • whether or not to add /* */ if complete book is poetry
  • how to identify blockquotes

Note: If you would like help creating formatting instructions for your project, please send a note via One of the formatting-round experts from the dp-format group will contact you to help create the instructions for your Project Comments.

Reminders in Project Comments

Some PMs find it helpful to mention an item covered in the Guidelines in their project comments, especially if it's something that can be overlooked or a source of confusion. Some of those are listed below. If these are applicable, please note that they constitute reminders rather than exceptions to the Guidelines.

  • Old-fashioned Spellings. It never hurts to emphasize how you'd like these handled. One suggested phrasing (via grythumn): "Do not modernize the spellings. Please correct long-s to regular s, but leave u/v and i/j issues alone."
  • Dashes at the end of lines in poetry do not have to be clothed
  • Fractions should be proofed as 1/2, rather than using the symbol available from the dropdown menus.

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