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Forum Posting 101

This is meant as a page to let people know the tips and semi-hidden tricks to doing the "That is so cool! How did they do that?!" things that show up in DP forum posts. A very basic How-To.

Where to post

The DP Forum Index is separated into different categories. There is a description of each category under the title. Choose the one that you think fits your topic best and get ready to post. Even if you choose wrongly, a moderator will come along and move your post to where it would fit best.

General Questions

If you have a question that involves a basic proofreading or formatting issue, such as How should I proof a continuing footnote? then click on Common Proofreading Q&A or Common Formatting Q&A. Once there, you can click on the "New Topic" button. Having done so, a text window opens. You must put a title to your post in the Subject line if you are making a "New Topic". Try to make it short and to the point. "Proofreading Question" is a bit vague but "Continuing Footnotes Question" lets the other volunteers know at a glance what your question regards. This will help both the people who know the answer to your question find it and also those who have been wondering the same thing will know to watch it for the correct answer. If you are replying to a topic already in place then a subject line is not necessary. In the text box, type your question. You can add emoticons, color, italics, etc. Details below. At the bottom of the page is a button for previewing your message. This is a good step for making sure that it looks like you want it to and that you've made no typos.

Project Specific Questions

If while working on a project you find something you would like assistance on, you can post to the project thread. You can reach the Project Thread directly from your Proofing Interface by clicking on the Project Comments link. (In the Enhanced Interface this is the page with the blue exclamation point.) It is recommended to open this link in a new tab or window. From the Project Comments page you can link to the Project Thread found under Forum: Discuss this project.

Note: In a Project Discussion you cannot start a New Topic because the Project Thread itself is a dedicated thread within the "Projects Being Proofed or Formatted" forum. Instead, click on the "Post Reply" button. Then the steps are the same as posting a general question.

When a question deals with a specific page of the project, include the PNG number. It is often helpful to include a link to the specific page image.

Making your posts more detailed

Much of the following information is available, via the "BBCode" link, lower-left corner under "Options", when you are editing a forum post or message.

Bold, Italics and Underlining

You can make the text show these characteristics by using [b] before the word or words you want bold and closing with [/b]. This is the same for [i]italics[/i] and [u]underlining[/u]. You may also use the buttons at the top of the text window for inserting these tags. Be careful of forgetting to close a tag or closing it by typing it in. The forum posting system insists on closing everything that you have opened with a button and if you have pushed it once and not a second time it will put the unclosed tag at the very end of your post. [/b] Once you have pushed the [b] button an asterisk appears next to it to remind you to close it.

Quoting text

Pushing the "Quote" button will allow you to put text into another box inside your message to show that it is not your work but someone else's. Quoting does not retain indents or extra spacing.

Quoting another post

If you are replying to a post that someone has made and you want to quote them, then after reading his or her post you can click on the "Quote" button on the upper right of his or her post. This will quote everything that he said and shows up in the format of

[quote="Elston"]Dear Gluefoot,

I hope you are doing well in your evil plot to take over the world. I wish however
that you would stop trying to close ice cream shops as I really like ice cream.

Sincerely yours,

If you only want to reply to Elston's comment about ice cream shops, you can delete everything else and only leave that bit. Then put your comments after the closing [/quote]. You can also change the name inside the quotation marks if you like. [quote="The Dancing Pachyderm"] When this is posted your reply will begin with The Dancing Pachyderm wrote: and the quoted text will appear in a blue box beneath.


Using the "Code" button instead of the "Quote" button is the best way to show what you are trying to say. If you are wanting to show what specifically formatted text looks like, such as poetry, the "Code" feature will display exactly what you have done. "Code" retains indents and does not convert BBcode tags.


See emoticon.

Embedding Links

It is nice to embed the links on your posts as long links can really mess with some browsers. To embed a link:

  • type or hit the [url] button on the forum posting page.
  • Then add an equals sign = after the "url" [url=]
  • Now paste the url after the =. [url=]
  • Type a title for your link [url=]Forum Posting 101
  • Finally, close with [/url], to create:
[url=]Forum Posting 101[/url]

All that will then show up in your post is Forum Posting 101. For our newer users, especially those who are new to forum posting, it is kind to add the [u] [/u] underline tags inside the [url] tags to signal that these words are a link, (because our forum styles do not automagically underline hyperlinks):

[url=][u]Forum Posting 101[/u][/url]

displays as Forum Posting 101

Changing size, color or font

Changing the font size can be used to indicate Small Caps, excitement, or whispering. Coloring the font is good for emphasis of changes or just for fun. In IE, you can highlight the text you want changed and the tags will surround the highlighted text. In FF, the change boxes appear at the end [color=green][/color] and you have to put the text in between those tags.

Adding an image or photo to your post

To insert an image in your post, it has to be on the Internet already, and you need to know the url for it. In your post, surround the url with [img] [/img] tags, and the image will be displayed. For instance, the DP logo is at so to put this image in a forum post you would write:


Closing your post

Under the text window, there are four checkboxes. All four of these items are also listed in your Forums Profile, so you can set the defaults the way you like them. Most of the time you will want BBCode, Smilies and Signature ON. "Notify Me" is up to you. Just remember that "notify" means e-mail.

Disable BBCode for this post

The BBCode is all of the forum code discussed above, like [i]italics[/i] and [b]bold[/b]. One reason that you might want to disable it is if you wanted to write a post that talked about these codes. For instance, if you wanted to tell someone who was new to the forums how to italicize text, you would say:

To italicize text, mark it [i]like this[/i]

If you check the "Disable BBCode for this post" box, then your post will look like:

To italicize text, mark it [i]like this[/i]

If you don't check that box, it will look like this:

To italicize text, mark it like this

Checking the box will show people the code, rather than converting code into italics, bold, etc.

Disable Smilies in this post

Gasp! Why would you want to do that?!

Well, sometimes you may inadvertently get smilies in your post, simply because of what you've written. For instance, the smilie with sunglasses on is produced by typing 8), so if you have a list in your post like this:

6) blah
7) blah
8) blah

the 8) will turn into a smilie. If you don't need to use emoticons elsewhere in your post, the easiest way to stop this from happening is to check the "Disable Smilies in this message" box.

Attach signature

If you have made a signature line in your Profile section of the DP forum, then you can choose to include it or not on each of your posts. Sometimes, such as in the Two-Word Story or Word Association Thread a long signature may get in the way of smoothreading the fun and games. You can set whether or not you want your signature automatically included in your Profile and then can turn it on or off on a case by case basis when posting.

Notify me when a reply is posted

This is a very handy checkbox that will keep you apprised of replies to your post. An email will be sent to the address you have listed in your Profile the first time someone replies to the same topic. You will not receive another email until you visit the topic yourself.

When you're finished

Click the Preview button near the bottom to check the appearance of your message. If everything looks the way you want it, then click Submit.

Different types of threads


There are two types of polls:

  • Site-related Polls
  • Fun Polls

The process for making them is the same.

  • You must Title your poll in the Subject line. For example:
    • "Favorite Ice Cream Flavor"
  • Next, word your question and put it in the appropriate space:
    • "What is your favorite ice cream in the month of June?" ("or January for those of the Southern Hemispheric persuasion.")
  • Then add options, pushing the Option button after entering each option. This means that when you are almost ready to post your poll, you will have one blank Poll option box.
    • Chunky Monkey
    • Googoo Cluster
    • Sardines and Tomatoes
  • Decide if you want a limit of time on your poll. If you want to know what to name your new pet wombat within the next week, set the time limit to 7 days. After 7 days, the poll will close and you will have your answers. If you want everyone who ever visits your DP to have a shot at telling you about their favorite ice cream flavor then leave the Run poll for blank.
  • In the text box, describe your poll. You might explain why you are asking or what your first choice would be.
    • Hello! This is an ice cream poll and I couldn't live without Chunky Monkey in June. What is your favourite?
  • Finally, push preview to make sure that things look the way that you want them to, then push submit and wait for the answers to roll in.

Locked Threads

You cannot reply to a locked thread. These are indicated by little padlocks next to the New Post button. Such threads are usually announcements of changes with discussion to be held elsewhere or on threads that are now obsolete.

Sticky Threads

See sticky thread.

Handy Links