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The "page image" is what you see in the left or top half of the proofing interface. It is a picture of the scanned page, reduced to a size that your computer can download without choking. (The page image is created in the Content Providing stage. Specifications for page images can be found at Page scans.)

Linking to a Page Image

In the Forums, questions about specific pages are easier to answer if you include a link to the image of the page you are asking about.

Best way:

From the Project Page, go to Page Details (Img/Diff), or change to Detail Level 4. Use the link in the first column, either by going to the page and then copying the whole contents of your browser's address bar, or by using your browser's "copy address" function. Details depend on what browser you have, and how well you get along with it.

In your forum post, enter the text that you would like to be displayed. Generally a page number is best, so people have a way to find the passage even if the link breaks. You can use either the printed page number ("page 123") or DP's file number (conventionally called "png123"), but we prefer the file number. Wrap this text in [url] and [/url] tags. After the first "url", before the bracket, add an "=" and paste the link you copied earlier.

Shortcut for Some Browsers: After typing your display text, select it and click the URL button. This will put URL tags around the text. If the URL tag goes to the very end of your post, you'll have to do this part manually.

The link will look like this, but without line break:

 project=projectID49b62cefeb8dd&imagefile=b035.png]text to display here[/url]

There may be more stuff after the "imagefile=...png" part; this is optional and can be deleted if you like.

When the message is posted, this will create an easy-on-the-eye link that takes you to a resizeable page, with popup links to all other pages in the project and to the Project Page.

Not-so-good way:

In the proofing interface, use your browser's "Copy image location" function. This type of link looks like this:

This will link only to a picture, with no links or other options. Size and display format will depend on other people's browsers.

Do Not Do It This Way:

In the proofing interface, do not copy from your browser's address bar. Nobody except you is allowed to go to a page you are proofing-- not even the Project Manager!