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DP Official Documentation - Proofreading


  • A DP account

It doesn't take much time or effort to register for a DP account.


You can monitor your progress toward the requirements, and apply for access, on the P2 "home" page.

P2 Mentoring

You could qualify to become a Mentor:

  • when you are comfortable with the Guidelines,
  • have qualified for P2 access and are comfortable working in that round
  • have been at DP for at least 3 months.

To request access, please send an email to the General Manager (dp-genmgr at pgdp dot net) asking to be granted mentor status. The GM will arrange review of your projects that have been seen by the P3 proofers, look at the "diffs" and respond. If you are granted access you are free to dive in to the MENTOR projects! (If you already have P3 access, you'll be granted mentor status immediately upon your request).


  • 150 P2 pages across at least three projects, with at least 50 which have been proofread by P3 volunteers. These pages should indicate proofreading proficiency covering a range of matter including footnotes, tables, indexes, illustration captions, poetry and/or sidenotes.
  • 50 F1 pages
  • Pass the Moderate Proofreading Quiz and Tutorial, Part 2 (quiz results expire after six months)
  • 42 days since registration

You can monitor your progress toward the requirements, and apply for access, on the P3 "home" page. After these requirements are met, the volunteer's P2 pages are reviewed before access is granted. See P3 qualification and Am I Ready For P3? for more details.

Please note that an evaluator will check over at least 50 of your recent P2 pages that have been completed in P3. (Except for special circumstances, we do not review pages until they have been through P3!) Due to the extra abilities a project manager has over his or her projects, pages proofread in projects in which the project manager and the applicant are the same will not be eligible for evaluation.

To comment or request edits to this page, please contact jjz or John_NZ.

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