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This is to help you know what to do before pressing the "Request Access" button on the P3 Page. This information was taken from this post by the GM. Follow these steps in order. Do not push the button until you have accomplished all of the steps.

Set up the Script

First, pull up this script: Review Work Script (this link will set the following values for you).

  • "Work round" = P2
  • "Review round" = P3
  • "Max days since last save" = 100 (this is the default the Evaluators use)

Note that when you use the review work tool, projects appear in newest-to-oldest order according to when the pages were proofread, except when projects move to formatting rounds, in which case the formatted project pages will appear at the top of the list. Your pages are however evaluated by evaluators in the order in which they were proofread as the expectation is that the quality of your work will have improved over time.

Follow These Steps

  • 1. Are there at least three projects listed? that indicate proofreading proficiency covering a range of matter including footnotes, tables, indexes, illustration captions, poetry and/or sidenotes. If the answer is No, STOP. You will need to wait until this page lists three projects or more for you. If yes, continue to the next question.
  • 2. For the first project listed, have any of your pages been "Saved in P3" (meaning someone has finished proofreading your pages)? If not, look at the next project and ask yourself the same question. (We can't review pages that have not been proofread in P3!)
  • 3. After identifying the first project on the list with pages completed by P3, click on the project title. This will open up your "Just my pages" list for that project. (The evaluators start a text file at this point, pasting in the title of the project.)
  • 4. Since pages having no changes in both P2 and P3 don't show us anything about your work, let's figure out how many qualifying pages there are:
    • a) Write down the total number of P2 pages you did in that project. (You can see this number in the far left column, or pull it from the "Pages saved by user in P2" column in the script.)
    • b) Skim down the diff columns for P2 and P3; count how many there are which show "no diff" in both columns.
    • c) Subtract this number from the total number of pages from above. This is the number of pages eligible for review.
  • 5. Going through each P3 diff for that project (we look at all P3 diffs in a project, not just some of them): Make a note of each change; is it something that was missed when proofreading that was caught by P3? Diffs we commonly see are missing or extra punctuation, spaced quotation marks, scannos, missing blank lines before paragraphs, and missing text. Also included are malformed [**notes]. Tally up each proofreading diff (the Evaluators copy the diff page link and then write down the types of errors and how many for each page). If in doubt, review the Project Comments, Project Discussion and the Proofreading Guidelines. If you are still unsure (and yes, P3s do make mistakes sometimes), you can ask for clarification in the Explain that Diff! (Proofreading) thread. Remember, not all diffs are errors!
  • 6. Reiterate steps 2 through 5 for each project until your eligible page count totals at least 50 or you run out of projects listed. (If you have run out of projects on the list and still don't have 50 eligible pages over at least three different projects, then STOP you are not ready to apply.) Wait a few days and check again.
  • 7. Count the number of errors you have noted.
  • 8. Determining the countable diff rate: We are looking for a diff rate of no more than 1 in 5 pages. So, if you have exactly 50 pages, you are allowed 10 countable diffs to gain access to P3. Out of 75 pages you are allowed 15 countable diffs. Do not apply if you have over the allowed number of countable diffs.
  • 9. If your assessment looks favorable, GO APPLY for P3!
  • 10. After you have applied for P3 and while you are waiting for your evaluation to be processed, please continue to proofread in P2. It is important that the evaluators can see that you are able to maintain high quality in proofreading over time.

(Disclaimer: The Evaluators' assessment may differ from your self-evaluation.)

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