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dev This user tried to be a DP developer before understanding that there is no need for that.
Library 1842 detail.png This user is a Content Provider. What am I going to do with all these books?
PM icon.png This user is a Project Manager. Where the buck starts.
Proofer icon.png This user is a tireless Proofer.
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I'm Laurent.

Work In Progress

  • French GWL. The GWL was sent to the administrators, and has now been put on the live site.

Regular expressions

  • /Regex course a little course on regular expressions
  • /Regex petit cours d'expressions régulières

Development stuff


Some random links that I use sometimes

Some pages that I wrote or maintain

German books available for scanning

I've borrowed a small heap of German books that I propose to scan for interested project managers. See the list. If you're interested in any of these books, drop me a Private Message and I'll scan it for you.