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kraester's avatar is woman sitting on a tall pile of books with a laptop computer in her lap

UPDATE: I'm sorry to say that because of some serious health issues I'm no longer an active participant in DP activities.

I, kraester, the tweaker, have decided to try my hand at CP/PM, so here are quick links to the Google Book Search Coordination, Harvesting Americana claims, Harvesting Toronto claims, Harvesting/Internet Archive "Universal Library", and Projects needing OCR for myself. And a quick link to the In-progress check script and DPWiki link to David's List.

Here's my list of available CP material and projects in progress.
Here is a list of my PM projects which have special instructions and detailed examples.

I still do mentoring, work on the P3 Junkies project list, and some general P3 proofing, of course, and I occasionally drop in to the Wiki to tweak a few Jargon pages, and go on a "categorization binge" once in a while.

When I mentor, I often include links into the Wiki on some terms that mentees might not be familiar with. That way I can concentrate on the points I'm trying to make about the mentees proofing, but if a mentee wants to "look up" the meaning of a term, they have an easy way to do so. You can see what I mean by visiting my PM-ready mentoring link list.

Meet Marlee, the deaf cockapoo I am fostering for her retirement years.--Update: Sadly, Marlee is no longer with me.

I have also agreed to serve as a "foster parent" for DPWiki's Haiku since I argued for its reprieve, and it was granted one. :) No more "orphan" status for it. :) If anyone knows when this was originally posted in the Forums, please let me know; I haven't been quite able to track that information down yet.

You can see my DP profile, and send me a PM at dpuser:Kraester.

If you'd like, you can visit my Sandbox, although I won't guarantee that you'll always (or ever, for that matter) find anything which you might consider too interesting there.

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