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When I write feedback messages, I often include links to the definitions of terms in my messages so I can spend time talking about proofing issues instead of defining terms in the message itself, and yet still provide the mentees with an easy way to "look up" the definition of terms that may be unfamiliar.

As an example of how I use this sort of thing, I may write a sentence like so:

It was great that you caught that [url=]stealth scanno[/url] on page 217.

Which will display in a PM like so:

It was great that you caught that stealth scanno on page 217.

Accordingly, I have created a table of PM-reading code for Wiki (and other) links that I can just copy-and-paste from when I want to. Feel free to do the same from the list below.

Opening paragraph for feedback message

There is one caveat, however. Because the code itself makes the unformatted text tough to read, I always include the following note at the top of all my feedback messages:

Note: If you are viewing this message via your regular e-mail software, and if the hyperlinks in the message do not display properly, you may find it easier to read the formatted version in your Distributed Proofreaders Inbox at

PM-ready code to link to Wiki Jargon definitions

Text of how link displays in PM Code for link to be copy-and-pasted into PM
BEGIN projects [url=]BEGIN projects[/url]
Checking your diffs [url=]Checking your diffs[/url]
Content Provider [url=]Content Provider[/url]
diacritical marks [url=]diacritical marks[/url]
diacriticals [url=]diacriticals[/url]
"diff files" [url=]"diff files"[/url]
diffs [url=]diffs[/url]
DP [url=]DP[/url]
dp-feedback [url=]dp-feedback[/url]
DPCustomMono2 [url=]DPCustomMono2[/url]
em-dash [url=]em-dash[/url]
en-dash [url=]en-dash[/url]
genres [url=]genres[/url]
Guidelines [url=]Guidelines[/url]
Latin-1 [url=]Latin-1[/url]
ligature [url=]ligature[/url]
"Newcomers Only" [url=]"Newcomers Only"[/url]
OCR [url=]OCR[/url]
Page Details [url=]Page Details[/url]
post-processing [url=]post-processing[/url]
PPer [url=]PPer[/url]
PM [url=]PM[/url]
project [url=]project[/url]
Project Comments [url=]Project Comments[/url]
Project Manager [url=]Project Manager[/url]
Project Page [url=]Project Page[/url]
Project Thread [url=]Project Thread[/url]
Proofing Interface [url=]Proofing Interface[/url]
proofer's note [url=]proofer's note[/url]
proofreading [url=]proofreading[/url]
round [url=]round[/url]
scanno [url=]scanno[/url]
"silent correction" [url=]"silent correction"[/url]
"spacey quotes" [url=]"spacey quotes"[/url]
stealth scanno [url=]stealth scanno[/url]
team [url=]team[/url]
WordCheck [url=]WordCheck[/url]

PM-ready code to link to sections of Proofreading Guidelines NOTE: Some of these don't work as of the 2.0 revision of the Guidelines; I'll check them all eventually

Guidelines Section(s) Code for link to be copy-and-pasted into PM
Accented Characters [url=]Accented Characters[/url]
Blank Page [url=]Blank Page[/url]
Chapter Headers/Titles [url=]Chapter Headers/Titles[/url]
Contractions [url=]Contractions[/url]
Dashes [url=]Dashes[/url]
Dashes and Hyphens [url=]Dashes and Hyphens[/url]
Ellipsis [url=]Ellipsis[/url]
Eol-hyphens [url=]End-of-line Hyphens[/url]
Eol-hyphens (full) [url=]End-of-line Hyphens[/url], noting that it refers you to the table in the section related to [url=]Dashes and Hyphens[/url] for examples.
Eop-hyphens [url=]End-of-page Hyphens[/url]
Footnotes [url=]Footnotes[/url]
Formatted Text [url=]Formatted Text[/url]
Line Breaks [url=]Line Breaks[/url]
Page Headers and Footers [url=]Page Headers and Footers[/url]
Paragraph Spacing [url=]Paragraph Spacing[/url]
Paragraph Spacing/Indenting [url=]Paragraph Spacing/Indenting[/url]
Poetry/Epigrams [url=]Poetry/Epigrams[/url]
Primary Rule [url=]The Primary Rule[/url]
Printer's Errors [url=]Printer's Errors[/url]
Quote Marks [url=]Quote Marks[/url]
Spaces around Punctuation [url=]Spaces around Punctuation Marks[/url]
Spaces around Quote Marks [url=]Spaces around Quote Marks and Other Punctuation[/url]
Superscripts [url=]superscripts[/url]

PM-ready code to link to other useful pages

Text of how link displays in PM Code for link to be copy-and-pasted into PM
Activity Hub [url=]Activity Hub[/url]
Checking your diffs [url=]Checking your diffs[/url]
DP Forums [url=]DP Forums[/url]
dp-feedback [url=]dp-feedback[/url]
Getting Started at DP [url=]Getting Started at DP[/url]
Proofing Quiz/Tutorial [url=]Proofing Quiz/Tutorial[/url]

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