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Projects with the tag {P1->P1} in the title go through P1 twice. This is NOT because the original P1ers did a poor job. On the contrary! Instead, we hope that putting a project through P1 twice will enable it to skip P3. (There's a fairly substantial wait in the release queue to even get into P3.) We also have many fewer P3ers than P1ers.

The first time a project goes through P1, it's almost exactly like any other project. The only exception is that diffs may not be readily available, although one can always ask the Project Manager for them.

The second time through, individuals are no longer working on the initial OCR text but on the output of the initial P1ers. This means one is looking for errors that may have been obscured by gross OCR weirdnesses. P1ers aren't expected to do anything differently, though using WordCheck is especially encouraged. (But that's always the case!) If you enjoy this type of work, please check out P2!

Anytime you work on a P1->P1 project (also called a second-pass project), your proofing time is contributing even more directly to posting books to Project Gutenberg. It also helps keep the workflow of DP as a whole moving.