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When trying to learn and improve our proofing or formatting, it can be frustrating to see DIFF after DIFF on a Page Detail page. (See Checking your diffs for more details.) It can be hard to come to grasp with the fact that some Diffs Just Don't Matter. These DIFFS will not count against you if you are trying to qualify for an upper round. The people who check the Qualifying Projects are fully aware of these type of DIFFS. Usually these DIFFS are simply preferences of the next proofer or formatter in line. Here are some of the common ones:

Proofing Rounds

  • A blank line added or removed at the top of the page before:
    • Title page
    • Chapter heading
    • Section heading
    • Illustration caption
    • Book division page (such as the Table of Contents or Half-Title page
  • Extra spaces between words. Some proofers find it easier to proof a page that doesn't have extraneous spaces in the text.
  • Blank lines added between items on a list.
  • Blank lines removed from items in a list.
  • Slight adjustment of columns in a table. For some proofers, it is easier to proof text that looks more like the picture than what the OCR Software came up with when it tried to interpret the page. Some proofers aren't daunted by items scattered all over the page.
  • Proofer's Notes for something you'd be unlikely to know such as:
  Tomstown was founded in 1953[**I live in Tomstown and it was 1954.]
  • Removing formatting (unless you were the one that added it, of course)

Formatting Round

  • Putting the signature in a separate markup from the poem.
  • Putting the blank line needed to separate a stanza on a new page from a continued poem on the page before the opening /*.
  • Putting the blank line needed to separate a stanza on a new page from a continued poem on the page after the opening /*.
  • Putting a blank line before Illustration markup.
  • Putting one or two or four blank lines before THE END.
  • Putting THE END in no wrap markup.

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