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DP Official Documentation
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General Queries

dphelp is a collective email address to which you can write for any questions related to DP. Send your email to "dphelp at pgdp dot net" and you'll soon receive an answer from one of the friendly administrators.

If you wish, you may also contact dbhelp via an internal DP form.

This is especially useful when for some reason you're experiencing problems using the more normal means of communication and information, such as the DP forum or the DP Wiki.

Proofreading and Formatting Feedback (DP-Feedback)

What is dp-feedback

dp-feedback is a username shared by a group of Distributed Proofreaders volunteers who provide proofreading and formatting feedback on request. Although this assistance is most often requested by P1ers, P2ers, and F1ers, all volunteers are welcome to ask for feedback.

Why use dp-feedback

While checking your diffs is a good way to check your work, some projects take time getting through the next rounds, and some diffs are not always self-evident, so more immediate feedback is available by submitting a request to dp-feedback.

The feedback you receive will range from how to handle specific issues, to flagging things that have been overlooked, through to acknowledgement that your work is fine, without issue, if that is the case.

How to request feedback

To submit a request for feedback, please send a dp-feedback PM or an e-mail to dp-feedback "at" pgdp.net. If you wish, you may also contact db-feedback via an internal DP form.

Please include the name of the project that you worked on, the round you worked in, and the png numbers of the pages you worked on.

For example:
Project name: Selections from early Middle English, 1130-1250 projectID40bab9e3832eb
Pages worked on: pngs 160-165; 235; 257; 122
Round worked in: P2

If you send your request by e-mail, please include your DP username as well.

A friendly volunteer will get back to you, usually within 24-48 hours, allowing for time-zone differences. Limiting your request to around 10 pages would be appreciated, but there is no limit on the number of requests you can submit.

Feedback is usually sent as a private message to your DP inbox.

Note: If you contact dp-feedback via email rather than via a PM or use of an internal DP form, your email address will be seen by all members of the dp-feedback team, who are not necessarily DP administrators. If you communicate via PM or internal DP form, the dp-feedback team will know only your DP username.

How to become a dp-feedbacker

If you would like to become a dp-feedbacker and you have worked as a P2 mentor, and in either P3 and/or F2, check out the instructions in the DP-Feedback thread.

Feedback re: Project Formatting Instructions

If you would like help creating formatting instructions for your project, please send a note via dp-format. One of the formatting-round experts from the dp-format group will contact you to help create the instructions for your Project Comments.

Report Bugs or Request Features

You may use the Task Center for a bug or feature you'd like to see or to look at and comment on current requests.

If you have been regularly using a feature at Distributed Proofreaders and find that it has stopped working in the way you'd expect, it's a good idea to check the Recent Additions to the Site forum topic to see if a recent change has been made that might have affected that feature. To report a problem with a recent change, please post in the Discussion of Recent Additions to the Site forum topic.

Report or ask for help regarding a Project

If you wish to report a broken project, first try to notify the Project Manager (PM), either by private message or by posting in the project discussion thread. If there's no response, report it by e-mail to db-req at pgdp dot net or via an internal DP form.

For PMs, please send a note to db-req if you need content to be added to a project, etc. For more information about db-req and what it does, please read the Db-req wiki page.

To comment or request edits to this page, please contact lhamilton or wfarrell.