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PMs, looking for some missing pages? Here's a more direct way of getting them! Here's how it works: below is a list of volunteers and their home libraries, with links to the catalogs. If you find a book with pages you need in their library, send a message to the appropriate volunteer and let them know. With any luck, they can pick up the book and get your pages for you ASAP.

Important: This page is user-maintained. Those who have not logged into the site in the last six months may be marked in italics, but many are not, if maintenance hasn't been done recently. By all means try to contact those in italics, who may still be able to help, even if they have less time for DP than they used to. However, be aware that replies may take some time, and that you might wish to contact someone else instead / as well.

Worldcat is a handy search tool that will help you find what libraries worldwide have the book you need, and you can then cross-reference the results there with the list here.

Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) codes are listed after libraries below in brackets (i.e. [LOC]) which are used by systems like Worldcat.

The Library of Congress Gateway to Library Catalogs links to many, many library catalogs, as well.

Libraries outside the U.S.

(Volunteers, add your libraries here!)



Murdoch University

  • Aria

State Library of Western Australia

University of Melbourne library

University of Newcastle Library


Vienna University Library

Austrian National Library

Vienna Public Libraries

Vienna University of Technology Library


Toronto Reference Library


Bibliothek für Bildungsgeschichtliche Forschung (Library for the History of Education)

  • stefanc (older titles not in WC; mostly German works about educational issues)

Campus-Catalogue Hamburg

Universitäts- und Stadtbibliothek Köln

The Netherlands

Universiteitsbibliotheek Utrecht

  • jhellingman has access to works marked with "uitleentype" as "normaal uitleenbaar" or just "--" if the work is from 1900 or later. The library is a fifteen minute detour on my daily route from the office to home. I have an ILL account for libraries across the Netherlands, but these now cost me € 6.80 per volume.

Koninklijke Bibliotheek (Den Haag) / National Library of the Netherlands

  • Clog visits this library every now and then.

Possible to check/scan: entries where "Aanvraaginfo" has 'uitleenbaar' or 'ter inzage' (or 'gereserveerd'/'bij lener'). Also text-only checks for all microfilms, for which the 'Aanvraagnummer' starts with NBM #number# ('aanvraaginfo' doesn't matter).



  • GroovingPict -- Use the above search (by clicking Østfold) to search all the libraries in the county of Østfold simultaneously. If you get a hit, then I can most likely get access to it and scan what you need. The page is in English.


Beiuș Municipal Library

  • TDI can borrow books and scan them at home. This library mostly has books in Romanian.

South Africa

Stellenbosch University Library


Zentralbibliothek Zürich

  • NBenson I don't go to town often, but when I do the ZB is always on my agenda.

United Kingdom

Belfast Libraries

British Library

Cambridgeshire libraries

Nicola_K can help year-round and is willing to request any book. Note: Cambridge Central will be closed for most of 2007.

Derbyshire libraries

Edinburgh University Library

  • Tamise Borrowing access to most everything at Edinburgh University Library except the special collections (though I may be able to get some access to them). Access to Edinburgh City Libraries too.

Exeter Central Library

Nottinghamshire and Nottingham City Libraries

University of Oxford Bodleian Libraries

  • abi278 has access to all of the university's libraries. Mostly reference access, not borrowing, but the majority of libraries have scanners in situ. Special collections are trickier but I can try.
  • FlannyChan has access to all of the university's libraries: reference, borrowing where the university allows this, and special collections.

University of Cambridge Library

  • ceb (very busy at the moment so only limited access)

(NB may be down for maintenance overnight UK time)

Libraries in the U.S.


University of Alabama at Birmingham - Mervyn H. Sterne Library [ABC]


Point Loma Nazarene University - Ryan Library [CPT]

Any Los Angeles area libraries; LAPL, Beverly Hills Public Library, UCLA (in-library photocopying only), USC (in-library photocopying only), any other random little collection you find and want me to go check out. -- JesseW


Denver Public Library [DPL]

  • jgillbank (Other Colorado libraries via shared library card system. Contact me about near-Denver counties.)

Douglas County Library District (South Denver) [DAD]

Fort Collins Public Library

Colorado State University Libaries

High Plains Library District


Boston Library Consortium

The Boston Library Consortium, an association of 17 academic and research libraries located in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire, is dedicated to sharing human and information resources to advance the research and learning of its constituency.


University of Delaware - Library - Morris Library [DLM]?

  • Wrenn most things are accessible; Special Collection books - available with some lead time for missing pages, don't have access to scan complete books.
  • gren anything in Newark -- access to nifty scanners in the basement if book can be fully opened.

District of Columbia

Library of Congress (LOC)

D2frma2 I volunteer at the Library of Congress and have a reader's card. I can do in-library photocopying.

District of Columbia Public Libraries


Broward County Libraries


Gwinnett County Public Library (GPL)

  • sigogglin I can access any circulating books from any of their branches and can scan or photocopy them. Requested books usually come in pretty fast.

Atlanta-Fulton Public Library (AFPL)

  • sigogglin I can access any circulating books from any of their branches and can scan or photocopy them. Requested books can sometimes take awhile to come in.

Other Libraries

  • sigogglin I'm within driving distance of Emory, Georgia State, Agnes Scott, and Columbia Theological Seminary. I can only do photocopies except for at Columbia.


Chicago Public Library [CGP]

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign [UIU]

Northern Illinois University [NIU]

Illinois State University [ISU]

Evanston Public Library [IHE]


University of Kansas Libraries [KKU]


Lexington Public Library [KYL]

University of Kentucky Library [KUK]


University of MD libraries (USMAI)

National Library of Medicine (NLM; Bethesda MD)

History of Medicine Library at NLM (Bethesda MD)


Boston Library Consortium

The Boston Library Consortium, an association of 17 academic and research libraries located in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire, is dedicated to sharing human and information resources to advance the research and learning of its constituency.

University of Massachusetts Lowell libraries

Pollard Memorial Library with regional Merrimack Valley interlibrary loan consortium, Lowell, MA


Minnesota Library Info Network [24 libraries and library systems]

  • Estreya: All Minnesota libraries including government, schools, university and public libraries; all journals/magazines are in MN Union List of Serials; click "Search the new MnLINK Gateway" button then "Advanced Search" on the left blue bar. Default searches all libraries in system.
  • bgalbrecht: While it won't show in the above list, I am also able to ILL from libraries in North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin.
  • kraester: Within the MnLINK network, I have access to the entire Great River Regional Library System [GRR] without having to "hassle" with ILL. Even though these are mostly small libraries (except for the regional headquarters in St. Cloud), there are some original Carnegie Libraries in the system, so some older, hard-to-find books may be accessible from them.
    I also have direct access to the College of St. Benedict/St. John's University and St. Cloud State University libraries, all three of which are part of the MnPALS system.

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities [MNU]

  • Thaad (ILL on most "Big Ten" universities)


Jackson Area Libraries


University of Missouri-Columbia [MUU]

New Hampshire

Boston Library Consortium

The Boston Library Consortium, an association of 17 academic and research libraries located in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire, is dedicated to sharing human and information resources to advance the research and learning of its constituency.

New York

Buffalo and Erie County Library [VHB]

Mid-York Library System [ZTM]

New York University

  • n3uropath -- Borrowing privileges to circulated publications, and can request access to the Fales Rare Book library. Access to interlibrary loan.

Columbia University

  • n3uropath -- Borrowing privileges, except for the Health Science and Law libraries.

Cornell University


OhioLink Libraries

  • carlosrc — any book available from an OhioLink participating library.

Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County [OCP]

  • claybits There are over 130,000 titles in the book collection printed before 1926, and many of them circulate. Particularly good source for popular fiction and science and technology titles.

Ohio State University Libraries [OSU]

  • Zetazentra The main campus libraries in Columbus have about 5.8 million volumes. I also have the ability to request deliveries from the branch libraries, I believe.



  • Portland State University Has a surprising number of books dating from 1900's-1930's, having inherited them when the city of Vanport was destroyed in a flood.


Any library in Texas that will ILL

Friendswood Public Library

Houston Public Library

Texas A&M University - Commerce [IEA]

University of Texas at Austin


Fairfax County Public Libraries

Falls Church Public Library

Jefferson-Madison Regional Library

University of Virginia Library


Seattle Public Library [FSB]

  • audreyii. (I can access circulating books from any of the branches. I can copy REF material from the Central Library (this may take a while). If it's marked "REF- Seattle Collection" it has very limited access--avoid these if you can.)

Timberland Regional Library

  • Nimeni on Cro (Beware that I may take a while to fulfill requests. Thanks.)

Fort Vancouver Regional Library District


University of Wisconsin -- Madison

  • unconfinedwings (Very large research library. A lot of books on Google Books were actually scanned from our libraries, so this may be especially helpful for missing pages requests regarding books from that source.)

Marine Corps

Cherry Point Library [M$F]

  • slshell (ILL available. Change library setting from Cherry Point to all holdings.)

List of Volunteers (multiple libraries)

(Volunteers, add yourselves here!)


can access libraries in the Portland Oregon metro region, but in order of convenience:

If there is an urgent need, I might be able to make it out to Vancouver Washington as well. Fort Vancouver Regional Library District


can access:


can access:


can access:


can access these libraries. They are in the order of convenience for me

  • Portland State University
  • Portland, OR - Don't be shy about the microfilm. We have a microfilm scanner that costs me nothing and will email you a PDF of the scan. Also, look in Summit if you do not find it at PSU, I can get books from Summit (the button is at the top of the search page) within a few days.
  • Multnomah County Library
  • Portland, OR - Easy for me to get to. I think that the main branch has a scanner for texts that cannot be checked out.
  • Washington County Library
  • Beaverton, OR - Across town, but I go through here on my way to my parents.
  • Clackamas County Library
  • Clackamas, OR - This is across town, but I can go out there if need be.


can access many libraries in California (full list here):


can access