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Project Management

  1. Official CP and PM Information
  2. Mebyon's Project Management Process
  3. MWS's Process Workflow and Helpful Notes on Project Management


  1. An invaluable basic step-by-step from Miller
  2. What to do before uploading for PPV
  3. General overview of Regular Expressions links
  4. Invaluable Regular Expression Cookbook
  5. Post-processing Examples
  6. Onelook Dictionary Search - nice to confirm archaic words and spellings
  7. Google's Ngram service - I use this when it's unclear which spelling or hyphenated form was most commonly used on the date of publication.
  8. Greek help please? forum


  1. A very useful Guide to Image Processing

HTML Specific Processes

  1. HTML Accessibility Recipes
  2. Drop-cap Best Practices
  3. Headings and Chapters Best Practices

A Few Favorites of my Past Post-processing Projects

  1. An Account of the Escape of Six Federal Soldiers from Prison at Danville, Va. - posted 1/19/2016
  2. A Book of Distinctive Interiors edited by William A. Vollmer - posted 1/30/2018
  3. Cartoons and Caricatures of Seattle Citizens, by Various - posted 7/23/2017
  4. Half hours with the lower animals by Charles Frederick Holder - posted 5/16/2016
  5. The Juvenile Lavater by George Brewer - posted 1/17/2015
  6. The Life of Cardinal Wolsey by George Cavendish, ed. by Samuel Singer - posted 1/23/2017
  7. The Mentor: Joan of Arc by Ida M. Tarbell - posted 1/6/2016
  8. My Monks of Vagabondia. by Andress Floyd - posted 1/22/2016
  9. A Treatise on Tobacco, Tea, Coffee, and Chocolate by Simon Paulli - posted 9/10/2016

The Complete List of my Posted Projects

Click here for the complete list.

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