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What to do BEFORE you upload to PPV

So you've just finished post-processing your project and are about to upload it for verification. Have you done the following:


Run pptxt (At the bottom of the txt menu in Guiguts, available as a download here).

Run a final Gutcheck/Bookloupe on the text file. Ensure any changes made as a consequence of Gutcheck/Bookloupe are made to the html file.


Run pphtml (from Guiguts HTML menu)

Run ppvimage (from Guiguts HTML menu, available as a download here)

Validated the HTML file using the online tools - Markup (tick the box for the outline, and make sure all chapters etc. are present), the CSS and the Links (the link validator requires a URL). Guiguts has versions of all of these, but the most up-to-date ones are online.

Use epubmaker to create ebooks from your HTML file plus images and check to make sure unusual formatting (images, tables etc.) looks OK.

Text and HTML

Compare any two final files (e.g. text and HTML, latin-1 and UTF-8 text files) using PPTools. You can also compare the final text file against the concatenated text file that you started with.

The Post processing verifiers will probably be using ALL of these tools. It would make their life much easier (and possibly improve your evaluation) if you ran these checks on your finished files BEFORE uploading your projects for verification.


Make sure all of your images are named in lower case, are appropriately sized and there are no extra files (ppvimage will report on unused files in the images directory).