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A project is a book (or book-like thing) that Distributed Proofreaders is converting to an e-text.

Types of Projects

Some projects either require special handling or are used for specific purposes at Distributed Proofreaders. Below is a list of these project types:

beginners only project

A beginners only (also knows as a BEGIN) project is an EASY project set aside to be proofed in the P1 round by Distributed Proofreaders's newest volunteers.

mentors only project

A mentors only (also mentor) project is a Distributed Proofreaders (DP) project that is proofed in the P2 round by proofing mentors to provide feedback to DP's newest volunteers.

type-in project

A type-in project is a Distributed Proofreaders (DP) project that does not have an OCR text when it is made available for proofing in P1.


An uberproject is large-scale, multi-volume Distributed Proofreaders project.