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A Project Page can be shown in four different Detail Levels.

The Detail Levels pertain only to how much, and what type, of information is presented on the Project Page.

  • Detail Level 1 of the Project Page shows just the basic project identifying information (name, author, genre, PM, etc.) and the Project Comments.
  • Detail Level 2 shows the Detail Level 1 information plus the "Start Proofreading" button, access to the project's Concatenated Text Files, and the project's Event Subscription options.
  • Detail Level 3 adds the list of "Extra" Files in the project's file directory (the majority of which are mostly high-resolution copies of any illustrations), the project's "Transition" History, and the project's Page Summary information (number of pages saved, number of pages available).
  • Detail Level 4 adds the table of Page Details to the page so you can access your diffs directly from the Project Page.

The Detail Level you see by default when you open a Project Page depends on where you are immediately before you click a link to view the Project Page.

If you are in the Proofing Interface, and click the button to see the Project Comments (to double-check some special instruction while you are proofing, for example), then you will automatically see the Detail Level 1 project page (which is the Detail Level with no "Start Proofreading" button, so you don't accidentally start a second instance of the Proofreading Interface). You will also see the Detail Level 1 Project Page if you click on the link in the first post in the project thread.

If you are on a round's "home" page, say looking at the list of projects on the P1 page, then clicking on a project title will take you to the Project Page showing Detail Level 2. That is the one that most proofers will see most frequently.

If you are looking at a list of projects resulting from the Project Search tool, and then click on a project name to open the Project Page, it will open in Detail Level 3. (This is because the Project Search tool also feeds data into the PM interface, and PMs often need to see some of that extra info on the Level 3 page that you don't really need to see if you're just proofing, and not managing, a project.)

Pretty much the only time Detail Level 4 appears by default is when PMs (and PFs) load pages into projects, so proofreaders will only ever see that by explicitly choosing that detail option.

Again, the above lays out what Detail Level you will automatically see when. But you can always choose to change the information detail from the default/automatic to something else if and when you want to. That is all your personal choice, depending on how much detailed information about the project YOU happen to want to see at that particular moment.