Philosophy Guide to creating HTML versions

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  • If the PM has requested an HTML version of the text, you should see if there are any special requirements, such as the stylesheets for Punch.
  • The <h1></h1> tag in HTML should be used for the title of the work.
  • The <h2></h2> tag in HTML should usually be used for the chapter titles.
  • Paragraphs should be enclosed in <p></p> tags. Make sure that every paragraph has both a start and end tag.
  • The <br /> or <br> element should be used to force line breaks only when necessary. The form with the closing slash is used in XHTML (GuiGuts default); the form without the slash is used in HTML.
  • The <hr /> or <hr> element should be used sparingly as a thought break.
  • There is some debate about the best way to represent poetry and tables.
  • Presentational attributes, other than bold and italic, should use CSS to produce the correct rendering.
  • No bare text. There should be no content of the work that is not wrapped in some sort of HTML markup. Every paragraph, line, poem, header or other entity should be marked up.

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