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The idea of these pages is to help PPers and PPVers begin to adapt their HTML coding practice to better support epub and mobi/Kindle formats, without having to absorb all the information in the DP: HTML Best Practices.

Rightly or wrongly, it assumes that most people reading it have used Guiguts to autogenerate their HTML, and would like to make a few simple improvements to the resulting code, so that their book will look good on e-reader devices.

Viewing your book in e-reader formats

Project Gutenberg will automatically convert your HTML file so it can be read on e-readers. Their upload page (used by PPVers and PPers with DU) states:

  • "If you are submitting plain text or HTML, did you confirm conversion to EPUB will work well (epubmaker.pglaf.org)? If not, please take some time to do those things now, before uploading the final file(s)."

The first step towards doing that is to find out what your book will look like on an e-reader. Easy Epub/Viewing has some information on how to do that, even if you don't have an actual e-reader.

Four things to check


If after reading or doing the above, it isn't making sense, or it isn't working for you, there are several forums where you can ask questions, including

If you already know a friendly PPer or PPVer who you think might know the answer, you could PM them

The PPV coordinators (ppv-coord @ pgdp.net) are also happy to try to answer questions related to epub and HTML Best Practices from PPers or PPVers.

To comment or request edits to this page, please contact jjz or windymilla.

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