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Jubilee Singers MusicXML experiment


Note: This project is currently in PP (as of January 8, 2011).

What Is This?

This is the first MusicXML experimental project on DP. We're still trying to figure out how to make it work effectively, but there's been some good progress. If you have any ideas on how to improve this, please add something to the discussion page.

Who Can Help

Almost Anyone! There are several ways to get involved, with different levels of expertise required.

This is the inital data entry stage. You need two things to work in this stage: A little bit of musical knowledge and a program that can give us our data in one of the required formats. At the moment, users have an option of two formats: MusicXML and Finale. You'll see why in a moment.

After this, there will be a proofing stage, where the results from the initial round are checked for accuracy. (But not for beauty or layout)

Finally, someone with a sophisticated notation program will stitch the files together, much like a PPer does, and make them look pretty. We will use the files to provide PG with at least four formats for the music we proof: MusicXML, PDF, MIDI, and the file used by the PPer to create the PDF, be it Finale, Sibelius, Lilypond or other. In some situations, we will also wish to include image files for use within the context of a larger work. (As is the case here... these music pages serve as an appendix to an already proofed etext. We will want to include the images of the music in the HTML version.)

What Program Can I Use?

There are two formats we are accepting for the data entry stage of this project: MusicXML and Finale.

If you are on Mac or Windows, you can use Finale's free NotePad software. It does require registration. This is a fairly sophisticated program, but easy to learn. You should be able to do most of the basic data entry with this software. This program can only save in Finale format, so use the "upload Finale file here" link to upload your finished product. (Someone else will be able to convert the result to MusicXML format.)

If you are on Linux, you can use NoteEdit or Rosegarden. Please give us feedback if you do, and let us know how usable they are. Both export MusicXML, so use the "upload MusicXML here" link to upload your finished product.

Or, perhaps you would like to use a different program that can export MusicXML. See Recordare's Software Page for a comprehensive list. If your program or encoding method is there, go ahead and use it. When you're done, export the notation to MusicXML and use the "upload MusicXML here" link to upload your finished product. (Do note that some programs do a better job than others of creating MusicXML data. However, the more information we get from this round of data entry, the better, so feel free to experiment.)

If you are interested in doing the final layout and prep work on a project like this, send me a Private Message. I will take responsibility for this first one while we work out the kinks. At the moment, the three best options I see for the final prep work are the full versions of Finale or Sibelius, or Lilypond. The latest versions of each of these can natively import MusicXML. How much work the final prep and layout will entail remains to be seen, but will probably be comparable to PPing a normal text in DP.

How it works

Please consult the MusicXML Project Guidelines before you start. To sign out a page or pages, edit this document and put your name next to the pages you want to claim. Please also note the program you intend to use, so we can analyze the data as the project moves forward.

Use the wiki link to upload your finished file.

Project Guidelines for MusicXML projects

The MusicXML Project Guidelines have their own page.

Image Files and Upload Links