How to download and install Post-Processing Software

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Guiguts, Aspell and an Image Viewer

See PPTools/Guiguts/Install, and in particular the directions for your operating system.

GutWrench suite

This consists of seven Windows-only, GUI-driven programs:

  • GutWrench: an error-finder, a supplement to gutcheck
  • GutAxe: an interactive spellchecker-like error corrector
  • GutSweeper: an automatic error-corrector
  • GutHammer: a simple text rewrapper
  • GutCutter: an aid to producing an HTML version, including specially formatted "styles" for various periodicals
  • GutPunch: a tool for shifting or renumbering page numbers in DP-style page separators
  • GutJack: a tool for quickly adding some of the markups needed to make an HTML version

Install all seven programs

Download them in a zipped file (~524KB) here: (or click the WWW button under any of BillFlis's Forum posts).

Unzip into any directory. Use WinZip's Extract function to preserve the proper sub-directory structure (i.e., don't just drag the files out of WinZip's window).

Documentation includes ReadMe's for each program, plus a checklist that outlines exactly how to use these in PP. Paste the checklist at the beginning of your book to record your progress. There are also special checklists for producing HTML versions.

If you have any problems or suggestions, contact BillFlis through the DP Forum.


RewrapIndent is a general-purpose text-rewrapping program, written in LISP. You will need a LISP interpreter appropriate to your operating system.

Install LISP Interpreter

Install ReWrapIndent

Get the download here: [1] (or click the WWW button under any of Big_Bill's forum posts.)

Windows Diff Utility

When learning the PPing tools, it's useful to be able to compare two versions of your source file to audit the changes made by a routine in a post-processing tool. For example, if you make a backup copy of your source file before running the "Fix Page Separators" routine in Guiguts, you can subsequently use a diff tool to compare the "before and after" versions.

"Diff" tools (tools that display the differences between files) are native on most Unix operating systems. On Windows, you must install a diff application. There are many diff applications, among them Winmerge ([2]), which is free (distributed under the GNU Public License).