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The GutWrench suite is a set of software tools that assist in post-processing. Each of the seven tools, which run within a GUI on the Windows operating system only, can be used independently.

GutSweeper scans the text and makes a lot of automatic corrections, such as eliminating double spaces and end-of-line blanks, fixing hyphenation errors, and splitting oe ligatures. It is markup-sensitive, so that it will not ruin the formatting of poetry, block quotes, or tables. This saves some time for the PPer, as all of its changes are ones that would have to be made anyway.

GutAxe is an interactive tool that allows the PPer to make more complicated changes to the text. It works like a spell checker, highlighting each suspected error and suggesting a likely correction. It scans for many stealth scannos, missing accents, and punctuation errors, among other things. It also includes a quick non-interactive mode (useful for PPV) that merely lists lines of text containing suspected errors.

GutWrench supplements gutcheck with a lot of extra checks, including for errors with DP-style markups. It also features a page-mapping function that helps spot missing Thought Breaks, italics, and other markups.

GutHammer rewraps a plain text in a similar way to Big_Bill's RewrapIndent tool. It also removes or replaces HTML markup with appropriate ASCII symbols and removes DP-style page separators.

GutPunch shifts or re-sequences the page numbers in DP-style page separators to match them up with the page numbers of the original book.

GutJack helps to quickly add some of the markups needed to make an HTML version. It searches for isolated lines of text (with blank lines before and after) and lets you add HTML <hx>Header</hx>, <center>Centering</center>, and other special markups.

GutCutter helps in making an HTML version. It converts DP-style and other shorthand markups into HTML and adds HTML header and trailer files to make a nearly complete HTML version. Several styles of HTML are supported, including those prescribed for several of DP's periodical uberprojects, and styles can easily be added or customized. Additional shorthand markups facilitate the formatting of tables and illustrations. GutCutter also removes any special markups to make a plain-text version having only the standard DP-style markups (which may be later removed by a rewrapping tool, such as GutHammer or RewrapIndent). It also comes with a special "style" that creates an HTML document that highlights numerous types of suspected errors (including stealth scannos) in a text file.

Any changes made by these programs are saved as new files, with no changes made to the original, so they are completely safe to use. The tools can be downloaded from The ample documentation includes a suggested post-processing walk-through written especially for this set of tools.

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