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For most projects containing Greek text, Proofreaders are asked to directly input or correct the Greek characters. This task is known as transcription: that is, we convert Greek imaged characters in the source image into Greek text characters in the text version.

Note: For projects where Greek character sets have not been provided, Proofreaders may instead be asked to transliterate Greek text, for the most part ignoring accents. The Project Comments may contain further advice. If necessary please ask in the Project Discussion forum.

The standard of replication of Greek characters by the OCR software varies between projects. Thus the text coming into the P1 round may just require a few corrections, or may require complete re-input. In either case we should endeavour to ensure correct transcription not only of the letters of the alphabet, but also of any diacritical marks associated with them. The available methods include the character picker in the proofreading interface, direct keyboard entry, or a purpose-built internet application.

When proofing a page with Greek on it, it is recommended to run WordCheck, enabling the "Greek, Ancient" dictionary. This will highlight any Greek words that may need double checking.

Detailed information on the Greek alphabet is available here.

Character picker

For projects where Greek characters have been enabled, they are available using the character picker. The Α-Ω button gives access to the plain letters, and other buttons give access to the diacritical versions of individual letters.

Other options

Especially where there is a substantial volume of Greek text to be input, Proofreaders may prefer to type directly in (polytonic) Greek from their keyboard, or to use one of the web-based tools designed for entering Greek. For information on these options, see this page.