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This a list of F2ers who are currently available for Formatting Mentoring. If you, too, would like to help mentor Formatters working on their F2 qualification, please read the Formatting Mentoring page, and then add yourself to the list below.


After qualifying for F2 on the second try, F2 has almost immediately become my favourite round to work in. I'm happy to share my experiences and to help you qualify. I'm available to mentor in both English and German. I strongly prefer to format non-fiction of all kinds, so I'll be most helpful to you if your preferences are similar.


I'll help an F1 with any project. I only speak and read English, but do formatting in some LOTE projects. I do a lot of drama projects, so I can help you there. I don't do tables.

Hermit00 (Cathy)

I'm happy to help beginners as well as those preparing to apply for F2. I format on a daily basis and enjoy a variety of projects. As a retired teacher, I love mentoring and strive to make things clear. I also share additional perspectives on formatting through experience as a post-processor. English only.


Ask and I'll try to help.