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This is the sandbox, a special page where you can play with wikitext, and write whatever you like. Just press 'Edit' or 'Edit source' up in the tab bar! 'Edit' will bring up the page in a GUI editor; 'Edit source' allows you to edit the raw text and to see and use the wiki markup.


--Dialer 21:57, 21 February 2008 (PST) Dialer tentatively shovels a little sand http://i238.photobucket.com/albums/ff320/Dialer00/misc/MrsG.gif

Janette arrives screaming NO No No! I won't do it here, I hate the wiki. Pause - Hmmm maybe it could be useful. :-)

-- OK so I thought I'd see if I can use this. Oh it isn't WYSIWYG Oh well Activity Hub

--Oumagee 10:09, 7 July 2006 (PDT) "Do I know what I am doing?" said the one-eyed, green-eye cat named Doubletake to the seeing eye dog called Rover. "Obviously not!" huffed Assume, the donkey.

greentea arrives with her hammer.

Test, test, test: Hey, it's a link to the Activity Hub!

Satu walked up the hill to a forumpost:168223, then looked at task:500.

Then zem stopped by to say hi!

greentea tries not to break anything while she's here.

Greentea, please DO try and break things while you are in the sandbox, that is what it is there for.--Branko 04:18, 4 November 2005 (PST)

This will be a try at a new page. [[Board site wanted page Kilroy (aka'd as DaveKline 05:08, 4 November 2005 (PST)) was here.

After reading forumtopic:17693, everyone went to read etext:17000

Captain Goof discovers the 'dpuser' tag, and notes that Goof does not have a .net account, thus making the link almost completely useless.

garvint notes that the above is an example either of relexivity or recursion. He's not sure which.

Mikeyc21 wonders who Goof is, and guesses that without a pgdp.net account, he won't be joining team:Team Colorado.

"I want to play in the sand too ... let's build castles!" Cori

Hm, it's time for some quadratic imponderables:

No need to go hungry in the Sandbox ... you can eat all the sand which is here! yeo.man

"Eeek" said the scaredy-cat, it keeps annoyingly formatting my text! Ah, but the LaTeX typesetters can help, hooray, just ask.

"Ok," said kd, "seeing if I can get wiki-fied."

This is section #1

And the contents include

the second section

which is further expanded into

Example of smallcaps: This Phrase is in Small Caps

Another example: 9 p.m.

a subsection

So, what happens in the Table of Contents?


Note: found my "pm" number by searching for posts made by me, and hovering the mouse pointer over my name.

the third section

is here so that we can have ...

Caption of Table
Column 2 Heading Column 3 Heading Column 4 Heading
1 stuff in row 1 cell 2 which can be as long as you like because it wraps a shorter text aligned to top
2 a short line here a lot more stuff which is too long to fit on one line and hence is wrapped. However the contents of the preceding cell should be aligned to the centre.
3 Used to be you could distribute projectinfo fields across table entries... ...but now I need to repeat the projectinfo tag with different fields for each table entry. See DPWiki:Magic tags. I need some templating magic.
4 Catalog of Copyright Entries: Motion Pictures, 1912-1939 {P1->P1} Completed and Posted to Project Gutenberg, 0/4055
4* {{Template:Project_title_state_row}} Not what I wanted. :(

More testing table template tyranny:

Column 1
{{Template:Project_title_state_row}} projectID4845f68d44cff

Template-ey madness

Hello, world from "Alice in Wonderland" Love, "Alice in Wonderland". That template seems to work.

{{Template:Project_title_state_row_2}} ... works but looks ugly and requires projectinfo on the outside.

a fourth section

to test our hunch that you need more than 3 sections to make a TOC automagically appear

Let's have a look at an image, shall we? Select Fizzup>Footnote fixump to open thizzeer dialog:

the guiguts footnote dialog


Oh, that's interesting: adding |frame| doesn't just add a frame and caption, it makes it float-right... According to the forum response I can add |left, let's see.

OK, here's the deal:

  • The syntax for a simple image is [[ image_name.typ ]].
  • With frame and caption it's [[ image_name.typ |frame |left or |right or |center | caption-text ]]
where red is optional
    • image floating left: [[ image_name.typ |frame|left| caption-text ]]
    • image floating right: [[ image_name.typ |frame|right| caption-text ]]
because float-right is the default
    • image centered, not floating: [[ image_name.typ |frame|center| caption-text ]]

Or you can enter __TOC__ to force them.

This is preceded by <br style="clear:both" /> and drops below the floating image.

Well, that was fun.--Papeters 14:57, 23 May 2006 (PDT)

Sharpened my quill, now practising 'signing my name'.... Laura 16:00, 25 May 2006 (PDT)

Oh but looka what my lil'ol' <p style="clear:both"> unintentionally did! It made the following logical paragraphs (separated by newlines) run together into one paragraph! The section head following ended it. So that isn't a good idea maybe. How else sneak it in?

Links to category pages

Can we link to [[Category:Categories]]? No! What about [[Category:Jargon]]?

[hits head] Duh. Whenever a category link appears on a page, it becomes a categorization. You can't refer to the list of pages in a category with a direct link, because the link already does something else. Vaguery 05:40, 27 May 2006 (PDT)

[[:Category:Categories]]: Category:Categories,
[[:Category:Jargon]]: Category:Jargon
Wwoods 08:55, 27 May 2006 (PDT)

Roger is testing an external link. Rfrank47 18:39, 3 June 2006 (PDT)

CousinJenny is checking a team link to Cornish Team before doing it for real on the teams page. 12:32 BST, 29 July 2009

Daves template test

param was "projectID3fe9c4e033258"

[Error: showProjectInfo: Invalid projectID: {{{1}}}].

trying to work out why this does not work
Devon, Its Moorlands, Streams and Coasts, by Lady Rosalind Northcote
is now in Completed and Posted to Project Gutenberg, PPer=tenaj, 0 of 330 pages left.

but this does--Dave morgan 13:15, 19 July 2006 (PDT)

%link%, by %author%

is now in %state%, PPer=%checkedoutby%, %n_available_pages% of %n_pages% pages left

Becca's Template

I like to play cards! ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

{{DRMprojectinfo2}} .

NM tried entering something here never having edited before.

KSreader arrives and wonders "Where are we Toto?"

Activity Hub Blimey, it works! - Poolie




Home Page blah pages 000-049 blah pages 050-099

this will be a test to form a new page Board site wanted page


Quentin's sandbox

Company Contact Country
Caption text
! Header text

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