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Distributed Proofreaders Foundation (DPF)

The Board members at present, office (if any), year of election, and last year of current term are

  • Sharon Joiner, srjfoo, President (Trustee from 2016 until 2022).
  • Rick Tonsing, okrick, Secretary (Trustee from 2018 until 2021).
  • Rich Hulse, BookBuff, Treasurer (Trustee from 2018 until 2021).
  • Manny Ackerman, mannyack (Trustee from 2019 until 2022).
  • Linda Cantoni LCantoni (Trustee from 2020 until 2023)
  • Walt Farrell wfarrell (Trustee from 2020 until 2023)
  • Greg Newby, gbnewby ('external member' Trustee from 2011 to 2014; Class 4 Trustee from 2014 to 2022).


  1. Trustee terms begin on June 1 of their election year, and end on May 31 of the year their term ends.
  2. The DP General Manager, Linda Hamilton lhamilton, is also an ex officio (non-voting) member of the DPF Board.

E-mail Contact

If you need to contact one of the officers you can use the links above to do so via PM if you're a DP volunteer, or you may use one of the following email addresses:

  • President: dpf-president at pgdp.net
  • Secretary: dpf-secretary at pgdp.net
  • Treasurer: dpf-treasurer at pgdp.net
To comment or request edits to this page, please contact the DPF Secretary (LCantoni) or another DPF Board member, or make your suggestions on this page: DPFoundation talk:Distributed Proofreaders Foundation.