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The Project Hospital is an ad-hoc clearinghouse for projects with problems that prevent them from being completed. These can include (but are not limited to) damaged, duplicate or missing pages, missing or poor illustrations, lacking copyright clearance, duplicate projects, and poorly prepared projects (huge page or illustration scans as proofing images).

The Project Hospital is currently outside the main DP workflow, though it is intended that the process become more formalized in the future. The current "patients" are listed on the Project Hospital page.

The Project Hospital page enables better tracking of projects that need to be fixed, to prevent them from being left in broken states indefinitely if the person who found the problem forgets about it.

To put a project into the Project Hospital

A PM or a Project Facilitator can add a project to the Project Hospital with the following process:

1) Modifying the project title.

Add the text

 {needs fixing, DETAILS}

to the title, where DETAILS is a short phrase. Most commonly this will be "see notes" to indicate that you've detailed the problems below in the Project Comments.

2) Adding notes to the Project Comments or the Forum Thread. (Using the project comments is strongly preferred.)

For Project Comments: The notes should be added at the start of the project comments, must be surrounded by <pre> and </pre> tags, and should be signed and dated.

Project Comments Example:

Page 16 -- 015a.png
Page 17 -- 015b.png
--username, yyyy-mm-dd

In either case, notes added to the Project Comments or Forum thread should contain a clear and precise description of what problems the project has.

If you or someone else in particular will be working on fixing the project, state this in your notes so that other DPers don't duplicate your work. If not, adding edition information (such as the publisher and year) can be helpful so that other volunteers can more easily try to locate a copy of the book.

What Happens in the Project Hospital

Vast armies of hypercaffeinated chipmunks will descend upon your project and perform dizzying feats of research and analysis to determine the extent of any problems and what resources and corrective actions are available.

Assuming that another copy of a text can be obtained, any duplicate pages will be removed, damaged page scans will be replaced, a missing pages project will be run (if applicable), any missing or replacement illustrations will be added to the project files, and all the parts assembled into the original project so that it is complete.

After this is done, the modifications to the title are removed (thus releasing the patient/project from the hospital) and the project status altered to the appropriate state.