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Distributed Proofreaders Foundation (DPF)

Now that 2016 is closed, it's a good time to reflect on the state of DPF. This report covers July 2015 - December 2016.

DP Milestones

For context, in the past 18 months DP has celebrated some fairly major milestones, and the DPF Board celebrated with it:

  • Oct 2015 - DP's 15th birthday!
  • Nov 2015 - 31000th unique title posted
  • May 2016 - 32000th unique title posted
  • Dec 2016 - 33000th unique title posted

Board Activities

The Board remains very pleased with DP General Manager Linda Hamilton. She and her team of squirrels and PFs have achieved several major operational objectives, including the creation of the Official DP Documentation through a policy adopted by the DPF Board on DP Site Documentation.

The Board has formalized several policies:

The Board also adopted a formal General Manager Evaluation Process.

Walt, the DPF Board Secretary, has made great progress on consolidating DPF documentation out of the minutes and into the DP Foundation area of the wiki to make the information easier to find.


As of October 2016, DPF has $10,797.71 USD in its accounts.

The Board continues to refine a budget. Yearly expenses run around ~$3,500 and income of ~$500 from donations. Those numbers together indicate that DPF can cover a bit over 3 years of operating expenses before we run out of funds.

DPF is up-to-date with all of our Federal and NJ state tax filings.


2017 January 3
Casey Peel, President DPF

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