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Distributed Proofreaders Foundation (DPF)

(Adopted by the DPF Board at its meeting on August 13, 2016.)

In many organizations, an employee's annual performance review is evaluated against annual goals, that the employee and manager work together to create at the beginning of the year, and their core job description. The Board and GM will work towards a similar method.

GM Evaluation Committee

The Board will form a new GM Evaluation Committee comprised of two voting Trustees (the President and one other) at the December board meeting every year. At least one of the two Trustees must have served the Board for the full duration of the calendar year under review.

GM Evaluation Procedure

In January, the GM will prepare an Annual Report for the Board that:

  1. explains what has been accomplished for the prior year and how it relates to the GM job description
  2. reviews the prior year's goals and what progress, if any, was made for each of the goals
  3. presents a new set of operational goals for the upcoming year.

The GM will also create a self-evaluation, either contained in the annual report or a separate document, answering the following questions:

  • Did you meet the goals set forth for the year?
  • If not, what were the issues preventing you from meeting your goals?
  • In retrospect, is there any way you could have managed a goal differently to accomplish it?
  • What goal did you accomplish that you are most proud of?
  • What other achievement have you had that you are proud of?
  • In your interactions with DP volunteers, are there any you wish you had handled differently?

Evaluation Committee Work

The Evaluation Committee will use the annual report, self-evaluation, and the GM Job Description to compose an evaluation comprised of:

  • Overall Board satisfaction with the GM, one of:
    • Meets or exceeds expectations
    • Below expectations
  • A write-up to back up the satisfaction designation.

This evaluation will be finalized by the Committee and presented to the full board, sans GM, in an executive session for discussion and approval prior to the February board meeting. At or before the February meeting the evaluation should be formally accepted by the full board and only then presented privately to the GM. Any discussion of the evaluation should take place in an executive session to maintain confidentiality.

The self-evaluation written by the GM and evaluation written by the Board is confidential between the Board and the GM.

Setting GM Goals

In the last quarter of the calendar year, the Board will review its long-term goals and make any changes it feels necessary. The GM will use these in preparing the Annual Report, which includes goals for the new year, as described above. The Board will work with the GM on finalizing the GM's goals and approve them at the February board meeting.

While it is encouraged, it is up to the GM if he/she shares their goals with the DP community.

Evaluation time-line summary

  • Q4
    • Board reviews and perhaps updates long-term goals
  • December
    • GM Evaluation Committee formed
  • January
    • GM presents Board with Annual Review, including new goals
    • GM submits self-evaluation to the Board
    • GM Evaluation committee creates evaluation and discusses it privately with the Board
  • February
    • Board accepts GM Evaluation Committee's final report
    • Board presents GM with prior year's performance evaluation
    • Board formally accepts operational goals for the year

Reference: General Manager Job Description

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