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Posted to PG

Finished books posted to PG (from newest to oldest).

PG-Text: Drei Meister. Balzac. Dickens. Dostojewski
PG-Text: Das Problem des platonischen Symposion
PG-Text: Das Judengrab. Aus Bimbos Seelenwanderungen
PG-Text: Lebenslauf des heiligen Wonnebald Pück
PG-Text: The Wedge
PG-Text: The Travellers
PG-Text: Heinrich von Kleist und die Kantische Philosophie
PG-Text: Erdgeist (Earth-Spirit)
PPV: Jacqueline (jjz)
PG-Text: Betrachtungen über die Grundlagen der Philosophie
PPV: Laurent (lvl)
PG-Text: Security
PPV: Quister
PG-Text: Platons Gastmahl
PPV: Jana (Frau_Sma)
PG-Text: The Sky Trap
PPV: Jana (Frau_Sma)
PG-Text: The Life and Adventures of Poor Puss
PPV: Jacqueline (jjz)
PG-Text: The Beast of Space
PPV: Jacqueline (jjz)
PG-Text: John Gayther's Garden and the Stories Told Therein
PPV: Janet (tenaj)
  • Fyfe, Horace Brown: Exile
PG-Text: Exile
PPV: Jacqueline (jjz)
PG-Text: Prairie Flowers
PPV: Jacqueline (jjz)

In Progress

Books I (soon) work on (in alphabetical order).


I plan to work on my own personal PP Checklist instead of using the Guiguts PP Process Checklist (which I will use as a starting point.)

random regexps

  • (?<=[\n\s>])"(?=\S)
    (left quote)
  • (?<=\S)"(?=[\n\s<])
    (right quote)
  • ([\s\n])(\w{1,4}[\.;,:!\?])([\s\n])
    (no break 1)
  • [\n\s]([IVXLMCD]+[\.,:;!\?-]{0,}[\s\n])
    (no break 2)

check for short lines

  • ^[^\n]{1,54}(?=\n\S)

check for Unicode

  • [\x{0100}-\x{ffffff}]

Creating HTML

  • All poetry indented ("wrapped")
  • Page labels set and saved
  • <span class="pagenum"><a name="Page_([^"]*)" id="Page_(\1)">\[Pg (\1)\]</a></span>
  • <span class="pagenum"><span>[Page </span><a name="Page_$1" id="Page_$1">$1</a><span>] </span></span>

Finishing HTML

  • Double check title tag
[Title], by [Author]—A Project Gutenberg eBook
  • Check language declaration
  • Check margin-top and margin-bottom
  • Open in IE