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Library 1842 detail.png This user is a Content Provider. What am I going to do with all these books?
PM icon.png This user is a Project Manager. Where the buck starts.
Proofer icon.png This user is a Punctilious Proofer.
Foofer icon.png This user is a Foofer who dreams in Small Caps.
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I'm Alexander, one of the few (it seems to me) Austrian DP members. Similar to most who end up here I like books, all books, though old books have the additional bonus of being old ;). And I like words, something I especially noticed since I started to help here and paid more attention to them during proofing or PP.

I'm interested in way too many things ;) which might also be the reason I had to try nearly every activity at DP (as you can tell from my Userboxes). So apart from, nowadays occasionally, proofing and foofing, I do some content providing, to some extent for other PMs. I also prepare books where I do the project management myself. Since summer 2007 I also PP and since summer 2009 I'm allowed to DU. However, I'm way too slow to work on all books I would like to PP. From time to time I also do some PPV, I consider myself a low volume PP, low volume PM, low volume CP, low volume everything ;), but every book helps. I hope I can increase the volume a bit (especially PP) and gain some speed through practice.

To keep this page short I created separate pages for my various DP activities:

  • My page for CP where you can see my upcoming books and books I helped prepare.
  • My page for PM where you can see all the books I manage.
  • My page for PP with everything related to PP.
  • My page for PPV where I list my PPV efforts.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me. Here is a link to send me a private message.

By the way, you have to blame (or thank) Jana (Frau_Sma) that I am here, since she showed me the page and made it look interesting and fun till I just had to try for myself :) and now I'm stuck here.