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This page shows my CP activities. I do CP for my own books (books I PM myself) but sometimes prepare books for other PM as well. I scan most of the books myself and have access to the physical book though I sometimes also harvest from TIA, Google or some other place I find an interesting book. The books I OCR for other PM are also mostly not scanned by me.

Some of the information on this page is generated automatically from the DP-projects. However this information most likely is outdated by now but you can refresh the info to see the current status.

Coming soon

This section lists books I likely run through DP some time. There is no strict plan when any of those books will be ready for DP, nor a good estimation. Whenever I'm in the mood for CP I will work on one or another. The selection of the book I then work on is based on various reasons (like preference, complexity, time it spent waiting already, or just my mood at the time.) However you might be able to influence my choice if you vote for a book (just send me a private message.) This section is split in 3 subsections (each ordered alphabetically): Books I have access to that can be cleared. Books I obtained a clearance. Books I have scanned (and cleared.)

uncleared books

  • Aristophanes: Die Vögel
  • Bavnik, Bernhard: Ergebnisse und Probleme der Naturwissenschaft
  • Dekker, Dr. Hermann: Vom sieghaften Zellenstaat
  • Tagore, Rabindranath: Sādhanā


  • Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von: Goethes Autobiographische Schriften Band I (Dichtung und Wahrheit)
  • Grimmelshausen, Johann Jacob Christoph von: Abenteurer des dreißigjährigen Krieges
since Jana (Frau_Sma) is processing his works I will not work on this
  • Herzog, Rodolf: Die Burgkinder
  • Husserl, Edmund: Logische Untersuchungen Band 1
  • Kynast, Reinhard: Das Problem der Phänomenologie
  • Locke, John: Versuch über den menschlichen Verstand, Band II
  • Platon: Menon
  • Uhland, Ludwig: Ernst, Herzog von Schwaben
someone plans to process a collection of Uhlands works that contains this so I won't work on this for now
  • Wolff, Julius: Das schwarze Weib


working on Project Comments
  • Grimm, Jacob: Teutonic Mythology. Vol II
working on OCR
  • Grimm, Jacob: Teutonic Mythology. Vol III
  • Grimm, Jacob: Teutonic Mythology. Vol IV
  • Keller, Gottfried: Der grüne Heinrich; Erste Fassung. Band I+II
OCR done
  • Keller, Gottfried: Der grüne Heinrich; Erste Fassung. Band III+IV
working on OCR
  • Locke, John: Versuch über den menschlichen Verstand, Band I

OCR for other PM

Here is a list of some books I helped to get ready for DP. This list only contains books I did not PM myself, with the exception of some BEGIN projects which I managed from P3 till F2 (this projects are listed here even if I am the PM right now.)