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(a quick draft just to start this thing off).

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Who am I?

Colin Bell, about to complete an MA in Biblical Interpretation at the London School of Theology. After a few months off, I'm planning to go onto further research (in the area of the OT, particularly prophecy, and its contemporary applications), and then probably teaching at a bible college somewhere. As a Christian, I feel my call is to be a teacher, and especially to help Christians work through the complexities of the Bible and faith, and of the modern world, and how the two can interact positively.

Before studying theology, I was a mathematician and software engineer.

Apart from the above, my interests are music, particularly classical - I'm a competent singer, and also play the piano and viola enough to amuse myself at least; books (goes without saying here, I guess!); linguistics, although I tend to dabble rather than learn any language properly; and walking.

(Why crb11? It was my userid on Phoenix, the old Cambridge University mainframe, and I've kept it as an online handle.)

PGDP interests

Content: mainly non-fiction, and then where my interests and skills fill a shortage. This is tending to be theology and/or Greek-heavy books in P3 at the minute.

Roles: I've PPed two books so far (more on the way). Just started PMing, which I think is my preferred niche. I've acquired 60+ mainly theology books recently so will be starting CPing as well soon.

== F2 qual stuff

Projects I've F1ed and want to track differences for for potential F2 qualification.

Autobiography of St. Ignatius, Completed and Posted to Project Gutenberg, 59 pages. Social Life; or, The Manners and Customs of Polite Society, Completed and Posted to Project Gutenberg, 49 pages.