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Question: Once a project has been Lily3 cleared and a couple days have passed, can we remove some of the detail from the main project listing page (leaving the struck-through part) so it doesn't get so cluttered? The details of what is done for each piece should be on the Notation page for that piece (probably need to make certain the Lily3 clearance info is added there!), so we shouldn't really be losing any important details. --stygiania 22:35, 12 May 2007 (PDT)

Trying it out, see entries for 35-36png. I moved the Lily1-3 records to a new section called "Record of Work" on the notation page. Repeats the notes section a little, but the names in the Record of Work serve as a "Roll of Honor" for those who have contributed to the piece and I thought that would be nice. Jkenny 04:19, 13 May 2007 (PDT)

Just want to say I'll be away for a week. I'll have internet access (and have loaded Lilypond on hubby's laptop) but very limited time to spend online so please don't count on me to get much done until the 30th. stygiania 10:32, 23 May 2007 (PDT)

This is a question for the wikignomes: Is there any way to hide edits to this page and its subpages when viewing the Recent Changes page of our wiki? The English Hymnal is a great experiment, but it has a minor drawback that Recent Changes is now next to useless because the huge number of edits connected with English Hymnal push the others down the list and onto later and later pages incredibly fast.Laurawisewell 14:44, 31 May 2007 (PDT)

The people editing the Hymnal project pages could check the "This is a minor edit" box and then other users of the Recent Changes page could choose to Hide minor edits. That is the easiest method for handling this and requires no change other than the behavior of those involved with the Hymnal. stygiania 15:40, 31 May 2007 (PDT)

Moving new hymns onto main page

Now that the first 50 (by hymn number) are almost all done, putting a watch on the main project page doesn't do much good since the updates are on the 51-100 subpage (and beyond). Would it be beneficial to move the completed items within the 1-50 range to a subpage and move 51-100 to the main page? As the final 1-50 items are completed, they can be moved to the subpage also. stygiania 00:26, 18 June 2007 (PDT)

Ok, I tried moving listing 1-10 to a completed listings page, and bumping up listing 51-60. Note that the links to the notation pages break when you move the listings, so they have to be reset -- not too difficult, as it is just a paste of a string. I don't know whether you think this moving and fixing links is too much trouble. If so, I will restore the original look to the pages. Jkenny 06:58, 18 June 2007 (PDT)
Yes, that should help. Since I only have the main page marked for "watch" I had it in my head that everyone took a few days off since that page has had so few changes lately. It finally dawned on me this morning that there is a much better reason for this.... But since the forum thread and Q's sig (at least) link to the main page, keeping active stuff there would make it easier for newcomers to see what's going on.

This sounds like a lot of work. The pieces moved to a "done" wiki page-- will their links also need fixing? I'm concerned that moving stuff around once it goes "dormant" (for us) could lead to occasional broken links that we won't notice, but which will cause problems down the road. And I get slight heebie-jeebies from the fact that we would have hymn pages linked from one page which were originally built off of another page (and so include the other page-name in their path). That other page will eventually go completely dark if we move all its links to the main page. What if the empty page then gets removed at some point-- what would happen to our shuffled-around links and pages in that situation? I don't know enough about how the wiki works to be sure, so it makes me a little nervous. But I guess my main objection is it seems like a lot of extra housekeeping for a fairly small payoff (I'm no wiki expert, and could be wrong on both counts). My alternative suggestion would be to periodically update a really prominent link on the main page to whatever the current "active" page is. That would get new folks to where the action is, and us old'uns would find out that the link had been changed (wouldn't we? I don't understand much about watchlists either), and could add a new page to our watchlists. But if we really want to keep the active stuff always on the main wiki page, maybe it doesn't make sense to make separate new pages as we did for hymns 51-100 and 101-151. Instead, maybe we should just add a group of ten or so hymns to the main page each time a group of ten or so hymns get moved to a "done" page. So we'd have one active page and one or more "done" or "archive" page(s). Possible broken links on those "done" pages might still be a worry though. QMacrocarpa 12:35, 18 June 2007 (PDT)

"That other page will eventually go completely dark if we move all its links to the main page. "- Yes I was worried about this too, but I thought of doing it this way to ave a bit of labour: hymns are moved from their sub-page e.g. Hymns 51-100 to the main page for work and for prominence. When a section of hymns are completed, the completed listings are moved back to the sub-page for archival. In other words the original sub-page they were on serves eventually as the archive page for the done pieces, so the sub-page never goes dark. When moving them back, I have to restore the original links. Fortunately, broken links show up in a different colour, so it is easy to ensure nothing gets broken. Jkenny 18:11, 18 June 2007 (PDT)
I agree. Then the main-page link to the sub-page only needs to be moved to the "completed" section once all of the hymns in that block are completed. And now that I know everyone is alive and well, I better get to work!
Okay, let's see how it goes. Just to be sure I have a correct understanding of how to proceed: After we use up 51-100 and 101-150 (which already have separate pages created) we'll create further new hymn links right on the main page and move them just a single time when they are ready to be archived? QMacrocarpa 19:38, 18 June 2007 (PDT)
Yes we'll do it according to the way you describe above: create new hymn links on the main page and we'll move completed listings to a archive page when done. Actually I would have preferred the listings to be sub-of the eventual archive page, move to the main page, and moved back -- but I guess fixing links twice would be twice the trouble. Jkenny 07:27, 19 June 2007 (PDT)