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Hiya, I'm Laura.

I'm Scottish, born in Coatbridge, Strathclyde and brought up in Glenrothes, Fife. I've lived in London and Cambridge and Edinburgh while at universities, and I'm now a pure mathematician at Glasgow University. [1]

I play the cello. Right now my landlord doesn't allow pets, but I love cats and very much hope to have one of my own again sometime. What else? I'm a Christian, of no particular denomination although my current church is Salvation Army. I have an interest in mental health, and when I lived in London was a volunteer for a mental health helpline. I was for a few years an admin on a large internet support group and I'm still a member of MindLink. I'm a vegetarian, mainly for reasons of animal welfare, and I care a lot about matters such as fair trade.

My computer is a macintosh, specifically an imac G5, which has a lovely big screen for using the vertical interface. I proof in Safari, and for post-processing I use GuiGuts, SubEthaEdit, Preview and Gimp. At work my computer runs Suse Linux, and from there I preview my HTML in Konqueror. Since acquiring a couple of hundred old maths books, I've got into content providing. My scanner is an EPSON Perfection 3490 Photo, I use GraphicConverter for image processing, and ReadIris for OCR (though I wouldn't really recommend it).

On DP I like to work on non-fiction books, especially Science (anything from maths to medicine) and Religion/Philosophy and anything connected with Scotland. I have a page showing the books I have PPed or PPVed. NOTE! As a PPer I am quite willing to tackle old R1/R2 projects, or to request that projects skip P3. If you are a PM and you have a project stuck in a queue that you think I might enjoy, drop me a line and maybe you can assign me as PPer.

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