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I am interested in all kinds of old books, particularly books on geography and travel to exotic places, and also science fiction and adventure stories.

I collect old books, but unfortunately I do not have the facilities to preserve them properly, so it is sad to see a hundred year old book gathering dust or foxing on my shelves. Turning them into ebooks is a much better idea. Some of the html ebooks on PG are really very beautiful and recapture the "mood" of the original book.

I came to DP because I think it is vitally important to preserve as many old books as possible before they disappear. Some of my favourite books are already very scarce, they are expensive on the market, and libraries may not lend them out. I have always supported the ideals of Project Gutenberg, and tried to contribute in its earlier days but was totally intimidated by the complexity of the complete ebook production process. That was when DP came to the rescue.

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