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It might make sense to use sub-pages for the individual pages of code. For instance, MusicXML-Jubilee/133 would make the sub-page "133" within MusicXML-Jubilee (if I've understood things correctly). Just a thought. Acunning40 16:50, 11 June 2006 (PDT)

Thanks, I am totally flying blind on this... Just trying to cobble something together with this new (to me) medium. (Much like my initial attempts at HTML: look at a page you like, mimic their code and insert your own data.) Honestly, I'm still not sure that one of the developer types aren't going to come down on my head for misusing the wiki. I hope if I'm misusing it that someone will let me know gently. (I'm counting on the spirit of cooperation and friendliness we used to have, but that seems to be in shorter supply these days, much like disk space.)

Speaking of which, would anyone object to allowing binary uploads as well? I know it can be done, though I'm not sure how to do it quite so automagically as creating these "empty" links. We could really get people involved if they could alternatively upload Finale .MUS files. There is a free version of Finale for Windows and Mac that can handle virtually all of the notation in this project and many others. While it can't export MusicXML, someone with the full version of Finale (which I have ordered) can come in and convert them all. (And I'd gladly do it, once the program arrives.) The same could be done for any of the other programs which need an "add on" in order to export. DANewman 12 June 2006

Okay I've got the green light from mikeyc21. I've set up binary links for people to upload Finale files. This allows any Windows or Mac user to get inolved at the data entry level without incurring any costs for software. I have some other ideas for expanded participation, but we'll see what kind of response we get with things as they are. I'm personally impressed at the number of people who are popping out of the woodwork saying they've been waiting for something like this... and the number of proofers who already own and use Sibelius or Finale. I've specifically put off advertising this test project until it is more ready to go. I'm going to start asking people to sign out pages soon, though.

Incidentally, I used a total kludge in BBEdit to create the image/upload link list. If we start doing lots of these larger projects, we'll want to create some sort of script to generate the list. Ultimately, it would be great to have a custom-coded solution, but I think we need to work out a lot of kinks first.

I'm also going to put up a smaller project as an alternate test. I think I have a way to generate some excitement about this. DANewman 21:49, 13 June 2006 (EDT)