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Throughout December 2006, the scans are available at

This is the Forum thread.

A blanket copyright clearance has been obtained (thanks Juliet!). Send susanskinner a private message to get the key.

One method to download the files (except for the front and back matter) is the following:

  1. Go to the issue ToC page.
  2. Click on "Page Info" in your browser.
  3. Click on the "Links" tab.
  4. Copy all the links (select all -> copy)
  5. Run the following from a Unix command line:
    pbpaste| tr '\r' '\n' | gawk '/reprint/{print $0".pdf"}' | wget -i -

All the PDFs will be downloaded into the current directory.

Let me know if this works for other folks. JesseW 18:16, 18 December 2006 (PST)

Here is a list of the volumes, and who has downloaded each, to help us coordinate.

What to do with your PDFs

ZIP all the PDFs for one issue together and upload to dpscans, directory crb11/plms. Filename just the year (eg unless there's two volumes, in which case and

Please arrange the names of the PDFs so that when sorted in alphabetical order ("arrange by name" on Windows systems) they're in the same order as in the journal. This will make processing easier. If you're aware of any page ordering problems (particularly pages duplicated across two PDFs, a PDF containing non-contiguous pages etc) please put this information in a README file in your ZIP.