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American Missionary Repeat Advertisements



Health is maintained by correct habits of
living, and through a proper action of the
Stomach, Liver, Kidneys, and Bowels.
Whenever these organs fail to perform
their functions properly, the most thorough
and efficacious remedy is Ayer's
Pills. This medicine is purely vegetable
in its composition, and is equally safe and
curative, whether administered to young
or old. It does not gripe, is mild and


in its action, restores tone to the enfeebled
Stomach, gently stimulates the Liver,
Kidneys, and Bowels, and induces a
healthy condition of these organs more
speedily than any other, cathartic in use.

I was severely afflicted with Rheumatism,
and came near losing the use of my
right arm, which seemed to be palsied. I
was induced by my son to try Ayer's
Pills, and though nearly seventy years of
age, am now in good health.--Mrs. J. G.
Smith, Campbellton, Ga.

Ayer's Pills keep my Stomach and Liver
in perfect condition. Five years ago I
was severely afflicted with Enlargement
of the Liver, and Dyspepsia, most of the
time being unable to retain any solid food
on my stomach. I finally commenced
taking Ayer's Pills, and, after using three
boxes of this medicine, was cured.--Lucius
Alexander, Marblehead, Mass.

I do not know of a safer medicine to give

To Young

children than Ayer's Pills. I have used
this remedy, in my family, for the past
twenty years, and have always found it
prompt and reliable.--Mrs. H. I. Guerney,
53 Oxford street, Baltimore, Md.

My little boy, five years of age, was
very much troubled with Worms, and
quite feeble. A few strong doses of
Ayer's Pills expelled the Worms, and so
improved his health that one would hardly
know him for the same child.--Mrs.
Jane W. Estelle, Marengo, Va.

Last year I suffered much from General
Debility, Indigestion, Loss of Appetite,
and violent Headaches. After having
used one box of Ayer's Pills my health
was restored.--M. Koch, Huntington, Ind.


Thorough action, and wonderful curative
properties, easily keep Ayer's Cathartic
Pills at the head of the list of popular
remedies for Sick and Nervous Headaches,
Constipation, and all ailments originating
in a disordered Liver. **I was troubled
with Indigestion, Constipation, and Head-
ache, for years. Nothing benefited me
until I commenced taking Ayer's Pills.
A few boxes of this medicine restored my


completely. My food now digests perfectly,
my headache has disappeared, and
my bowels were never in better condition
than at the present time.--Alfred
Trumbull, Fernandina, Fla.

For three years I was afflicted with
Liver Complaint. I tried the best physicians
in the country, but could get no
relief. I was advised to use Ayer's Pills,
and, having done so, believe my liver is
now in a perfectly healthy condition.--Mrs.
R. C. Deckerton, Germantown, Pa.

As a mild and thorough purgative,
Ayer's Cathartic Pills cannot be excelled.
They give me quick and happy relief from
Bilious and Sick Headaches, stimulate the
liver, and quicken the appetite. I have
used this medicine for two years, and find
that it continues to give satisfaction.--J. O.
Thompson, Mount Cross, Va.

I have used Ayer's Pills, in my family,
for the past thirty-five years. For young

And Old

I have found them perfectly safe and
effective at all times.  I am never without
them.--Henry G. Gardener, Bristol, R. I.

For twenty years or more I was a sufferer
with Sick Headache. I began the
use of Ayer's Pills, and quickly found
relief. I have not had an attack of this
distressing ailment for years, and attribute
my freedom from it to the use of Ayer's
Pills.--J. H. Watson, Proprietor University
Hotel, Chapel Hill, N. C.

I have been a great sufferer from Headache,
and Ayer's Cathartic Pills are the
only medicine that has ever given me
relief. One dose of these Pills will quickly
move my bowels, and free my head from
pain.--William L. Page, Richmond, Va.




Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass. Sold by all Druggists