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This page is the start of bringing together information related to the proofing, formatting and post processing of Periodicals in the DP System.

For more information see forumtopic:27718


Consistency of the information seems to be one of the things desired by DPers. Hence I propose we use a standardized template to communicate information across all the projects.

Some of the forum posts suggest that the Wiki could be used to create information that in the future could be placed in project comments. When designing the base template I've attempted to sort it so that certain sections could easily be 'grabbed' for project comments in the future. If editing the template this is probably a good principle to bear in mind, whilst also bearing in mind that in the future it is possible that the projects comments could be enhanced to allow different comments for different rounds etc.

* Template For Use

Note that for the project comments on DP, CPers can use the "Clone Project" feature to quickly create a project for a magazine issue from an older magazine project. However, it is easier to maintain common information for long-running projects on the Wiki.