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For now, these are cribbed from the PG Finale Project site, which was set up to deal with non-DP music. These are just a beginning, so we should feel encouraged to expand them and improve them.

Data Entry Stage


One thing to consider is that in this stage, we are not trying to mimic the typography of the page. Just include as much of the data as possible.

I can't add this in NotePad!

If you are using NotePad, it is possible that there will be things in the score that you can't add correctly. Don't worry about these, as someone with a paid version should be able to add them. It's better to leave it out than to use a kludge. This may be true of various other MusicXML compatible programs

Lyrics/Semantic input

We should enter the information semantically, rather than how it is printed. That means, for instance, that lyrics should always have hyphens between syllables, even if there is no hyphen printed on the page. Don't worry about the underscores used to show a final syllable sustained over several notes. The software adds this automatically.

Multiple voices on one staff/Layers

Often, piano music (or two staff choral music) will have multiple voices on one staff. To enter these in NotePad, use layer 1 for the upper voice and layer 2 for the lower voice. The layer you are working on is indicated in the bottom left hand corner of the window. You can click on it to change layers. Specific guidelines for this may be helpful for other programs that are MusicXML compatible. Please feel free to edit this with your experience.

No title or composer on this page

If you are working on a single page of a piece that has no title or composer listed at the top, don't worry about them being present as you edit the page. Your music will be concatenated to the first page by cutting and pasting, so the title/composer is irrelevant unless you have the first page of the music.

Saving the file

The links on this project are already set up. For MusicXML

Anything else?

I'm sure there's more to put here...

Layout Stage

no comments yet.

Final Proofing Stage

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