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Please see Userbox for instructions on use.


Code Result
Library 1842 detail.png This user is a Content Provider. What am I going to do with all these books?
Foofer icon.png This user is a Foofer who dreams in Small Caps.
{{Fortunate Foofer}}
Foofer icon.png This user is a Fortunate Foofer.
Mentor icon.png This user is a patient Mentor.
Mentor icon2.png This user is a patient Mentor.
PF icon.png This user keeps their Project Facilitator wand at the ready.
PM icon.png This user is a Project Manager. Where the buck starts.
{{Low Volume PM}}
PM low volume icon.png This user is a low volume Project Manager.
{{Productive PM}}
PM icon.png This user is a Productive Project Manager.
PP icon.png This user is a Post Processor who loves [** notes].
{{Perfectionist PP}}
PPer icon.png This user is a Perfectionist Post Processor.
{{TEI PP}}
PPer icon.png This user does the post-processing with TEI.
PPV icon.png This user is a Post-Processing Verifier, the last line of defense.
{{Occasional PPV}}
PPVer icon.png This user is an Occasional Post-processing Verifier.
{{Patient PPV}}
PPVer icon.png This user is a Patient Post-processing Verifier.
Proofer icon.png This user is a tireless Proofer.
{{Punctilious Proofer}}
Proofer icon.png This user is a Punctilious Proofer.
SA icon.png This user is a Site Administrator. The few, the proud.
WikiGnome.png This user is a WikiGnome.
Code.png This user is a Developer.

{{Smooth Reader}}
Book-open.png This user is a Smooooth Reader.


Code Result
{{PP Guild}}
Post Processors Guild icon.png Member of the Post Processors' Guild.
{{Ppgen PP}}
Ppgen-gear.png This user does post processing with ppgen.
{{Team Colorado}}
Team Colorado icon.png Member of Team Colorado.
{{Keep Your Chin Up}}
Avatar 4864c5b0c9aed.jpg This user supports the Keep Your Chin Up team. "Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle."
{{Basset Hound Lovers}}
P basset.gif This user supports the
Basset Hound Lovers team. Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.


Code Result
{{user_OS:Apple Mac}}

Web Browsers

Code Result
{{Web Browser:Google Chrome User}}
Google Chrome icon (September 2014).png This DP'er is a proud user of Google Chrome.
{{Web Browser:Firefox User}}
Firefox logo, 2019.png This DP'er is a proud user of Mozilla Firefox.
{{Web Browser:Edge User}}
EdgeChromium.png This DP'er lives on the edge, and is a proud user of Microsoft Edge.
{{Web Browser:Chromium User}}
Chromium Material Icon.png This DP'er is a proud user of Chromium.
{{Web Browser:Safari User}}
Safari browser logo.svg This DP'er is a proud user of Safari.


Code Result
id info
P thumbs up.gif This user is a Lurker in the DP forums. Hanging out in unexpected threads.
P welcome.gif This user is a Newbievore. Pounces on any opportunity to welcome a newcomer to the DP team.
P alligator.gif This user is a Spelunker or Spelaeologist in the DP forums. Boldly exploring even old and or obscure threads.
{{Wannabe Helper}}
Icon question.gif This user is a Wannabe Helper in the DP forums. Provides answers to questions, if able.
{{Thunker extraordinaire}}
New alien.gif This user is a Thunker extraordinaire. Thinker of unusual ideas/suggestions.
{{Donkey Hōté}}
P dontknow.gif This user is a Donkey Hōté in the DP forums. Prepared to ask questions without fear of appearing foolish.
{{Pluming Peacock}}
Biggrin.gif This user is a Pluming Peacock. Satisfied that their contribution helps and makes a difference.
New angel.gif This user is Retired.
I was tired yesterday and I'm tired again today, ipso facto.
{{Footloose & fancy free}}
P banana.gif This user is
Footloose & fancy free.
Proud supporter of
{{Cherry picker extraordinaire}}
New fcrossed.gif This user is a
Cherry picker extraordinaire
Cherry picking Savant.
Blank page specialist.
Elston.gif This user is Addicted.

Just one more page and or book.
P-footprint.gif This user is Musical.

Moving and entertaining use of [** ] notes.
{{All out of bubblegum}}
Dp-hairyeyeball.gif This user is All out of bubblegum.

I came to proofread and chew bubblegum....
{{Quizmaster}} This page will be deleted after human review. If you don't think it should be deleted, edit this page and add a reason below.

P horseplay.gif This user is a Quizmaster.
Has found and slain all the proofreading quizzes.
{{Quizmaster II}}
P capn.gif This user is a Quizmaster II.
Has hunted down and dispatched all the formatting quizzes.
{{In the loop}}
P circle.gif This user is In the loop.

Has read at least 2 DP GM reports.
{{Party Animal}}
P party-smiley.gif This user is a Party Animal. Has wished at least two other DP members a Happy DP Birthday.
M purple dinosaur.gif This user is a Blogosaur. Having written one or more DP Blog posts.
{{Jabberwocky Wrangler}}
New bluegrab.gif This user is a
Jabberwocky Wrangler
Having joined the DP jabber chat room on more than one occasion.
{{DP Notary}}
P scribe.gif This user is a DP Notary.
Having left a [** ] type note whilst proofreading.
{{DP Luminary}}
P magic.gif This user is a DP Luminary.
Having overcome fear and or shyness and posted about an issue in a project discussion.
{{Time Traveller}}
Dp-wheee.gif This user is a Time Traveller
who has travelled through time via the passages in our books.