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Summary of Guiguts changes since release 1.0.25


Versions of Guiguts since 1.0.25 have become faster, have more useful and time-saving features, and far fewer bugs than in the past. This means we can produce higher-quality eBooks more quickly and easily than with earlier versions.

Here's an overview, followed by a fuller Summary of changes in version order. For a complete list of changes and bug fixes, please see the file included with each Guiguts download.

Faster to use

This is for two kinds of reasons:

  1. some operations are done much faster than before. Examples:
    • Search & Replaces's Replace All is 3-5 times faster
    • built-in curly quotes (ppsmq) takes a few seconds, with no uploads/downloads needed; converts more double quotes; includes a Corrections dialog to facilitate checking/correction of double quotes marked by the @ flag and manual conversion of remaining single quotes
  2. new capabilities replace or eliminate some steps that had to be done manually. Examples:
    • HTML generator produces results with very few or no Tidy / Validator errors
    • after inserting code for the current [Illustration], Auto Illustration Search can find the next [Illustration] tag and the next image file with just one click, without leaving the Image Dialog
    • Auto Index generation can be done by enclosing the Index in a pair of tags /i...i/ just before HTML Generation; usually can tell the difference between a page number and other kinds of numbers such as dates, and recognizes page ranges that use ndashes as well as hyphens
    • ASCII Table Effects are easier to use when aligning columns and can make hanging indents and paragraph indents

More and improved Features (partial list)

  • Guiguts' own spell checker, Spell Query (SQ) which supports UTF-8, LOTE and other neat features
  • UTF-8 support generally is continually being improved
  • An optional home directory for Guiguts where settings files (e.g. setting.rc, header.txt, language dictionaries for SQ, etc.) are stored independently of the Guiguts release
  • An optional header_user.txt file in the above home directory to make customizations of the default CSS
  • Customizations of key files (see above) will be retained when you install a new release of Guiguts
  • More control over on-screen font size when editing
  • Configure Page Labels is faster, can scroll, can handle multi-thousand-page books
  • HTML Markup Dialog is user-configurable
  • Custom Menu can accommodate many more entries
  • Preferences Menu offers more customization
  • Toggle a vertical guideline to help align columns

Bug Fixes

See in the downloaded Guiguts folder for details

Release 1.5.0 (Current version as of 27 October 2022)

HEADLINE features included in this release of Guiguts

  • A significant change in release 1.5.0 is that Guiguts now generates HTML5 without XML serialization and includes the necessary updated HTML checker as well as the EPUBChecker tool.
  • Guiguts' own spell checker, Spell Query (SQ). It doesn't use Aspell, does support UTF-8 and its LOTE support is impressively simple to use. A very useful feature is a threshold that you can set (default is 3) so that words that occur more often than this will not be included in the list of possible misspellings. A very experienced PPer who has been doing pre-release testing of Guiguts is already an enthusiastic user of Spell Query.
  • An optional home directory for Guiguts where settings files (e.g. setting.rc, header.txt, user_header.txt, language dictionaries for SQ, etc.) are stored independently of the Guiguts release you are using. Once the files are installed in the new home directory they are accessible to the current and all future releases of Guiguts. No copying or changes to these files are needed when a new Guiguts release is installed.
  • An optional header_user.txt file in the above home directory which is combined with the headerdefault.txt file to create the header for generated HTML files. If you add CSS to this file, you can customize settings in headerdefault.txt as well as add your own CSS classes. These customizations will be retained when you install a new release in future.
  • New Copy Errors button on ErrorCheck dialogs that copies the contents into the paste buffer. Users can then paste the error text into any editor, Forum posts, etc.
  • Latest ebookmaker which generates four files: epub, epub3, mobi and kf8. Note that mobi and kf8 formats are likely to be dropped from future releases of eBookMaker.

Preferences Menu

  • New Copy Settings From A Release button added to the `Preferences/File Paths` menu to facilitate setup of a default home directory. On Windows the default location is `%HOMEPATH%\Documents\GGprefs` i.e. under the user's home directory. See below for Mac and Linux default locations. Normally used just once, this copies settings files from the chosen release into the default home directory location, from where they will be used by the current and all future releases.

Help Menu

  • Combining Characters such as `+~` for combining tilde above or `_~` for combining tilde below can now be inserted via Compose Sequences. So if you want x with a tilde above it, you can type "x Right-alt key + ~" (without the quotes or spaces)
  • Additional compose sequences added for precomposed vowels with macron and long ess character
  • Help dialog descriptions clarify easily-confused compose sequences
  • Shortcuts and regex help now links to manual pages
  • New `\IP` extension added to regex syntax which is replaced with the current page label

Tools Menu

  • New Spell Query tool checks spelling, reporting queries in a similar way to jeebies, bookloupe, etc. Buttons similar to old spell check dialog allow each query to be handled. Hover over buttons to see which combination of Shift/Ctrl with Left/Right click can be used as shortcut. If spelling occurs more often than the threshold (default 3), it is not reported.
  • New Character Tool menu entry to convert the selected text to Unicode Normalization Form C, which is necessary for HTML to validate
  • `Next Occurrence` button in Stealth Scannos dialog now searches backward if clicked while holding down `Shift` key, just like `Search` button in Search & Replace dialog

Search Menu

Text Menu

  • New `Rejoin Rows` button in ASCII Table Effects dialog takes a table with one cell per line and a blank line to mark rows, and converts it to a table with double space separators for cells, and all the cells from each table row on a single text line


  • Latest ebookmaker version included (0.12.0) - now creates epub3 and kf8 files in addition to epub2 and mobi files

File Menu

  • File Open dialog now displays files with `.xhtml` extension

Mac Users

  • Improvements to installation procedure and instructions for Mac users
  • Use Command key in place of Alt key in keyboard shortcuts on Macs
  • Cmd-up/down key bindings added to match usual Mac behavior
  • Optional command line argument `--home` added to specify the directory where persistent data files, such as `setting.rc`, will be stored, instead of under the release. Default home directory is in `HOME/Documents/GGprefs`

Linux Users

  • Optional command line argument `--home` added to specify the directory where persistent data files, such as `setting.rc`, will be stored, instead of under the release. Default home directory is in `HOME/.GGprefs`

Removed shortcut

  • Ctrl-Alt-s scratchpad shortcut did not work - removed feature entirely

Release 1.4.0

File Menu

  • Linux/Mac users should note that Guiguts now always outputs DP-style line endings (CRLF) when saving the main text file, even on non-Windows platforms
  • New `Import TIA Abbyy OCR File` to enable Project Managers to use TIA scans without needing to purchase OCR software

Tools Menu

  • New `/C...C/` rewrap marker that centers lines during text file rewrapping and HTML generation
  • New `/R...R/` rewrap marker that shifts a block of lines to the right margin (preserving indentation) during text file rewrapping and HTML generation
  • Respects non-breaking spaces when wrapping text files with Rewrap All and Rewrap Selection


  • HTML Generator now generates HTML5 with XML serialization
  • HTML Generator converts user's customized `header.txt` file to HTML5 if it has HTML4 header
  • HTML Menu replaces the old HTML validator with the W3C Nu HTML checker which supports two HTML Validators: Nu HTML Checker and Nu XHTML Checker
  • HTML Menu supports the bundled version of W3C CSS validator updated to latest release
  • PPVimage checks against the new recommended cover image size (1600x2560 pixels)

Search Menu

  • Find Next/Previous block search entries removed from Search menu. They are replaced by a Regex to find all rewrap marker blocks and selectively change some of the rewrap markers to other types. This Regex and its use is described in the rewrap marker section of the Tools Menu

Preferences Menu

  • `Always Treat as UTF-8` has been removed from the Preferences->Processing menu. DP has transitioned to UTF-8 so text and HTML files always use UTF-8 encoding now. Note that your files usually will contain Unicode characters, either when you receive them or after you've worked on them for a while.

Tool Bar

Release 1.3.3

Text Menu


  • Latest production version of EBookMaker included (0.11.30)
  • The PPhtml tool now outputs the first line number where CSS was used if it is warning about it potentially being undefined.

Tools Menu

Status Bar

  • Goto Label dialog is now case insensitive, so accepts uppercase Roman numerals

Release 1.3.2

Content Providing / Tools Menu

  • New auto-correction features added to error check dialog, primarily for Tools-->Load Checkfile (to support OCRfixr output), but some features can be used for other error checks.
    • Ctrl+Mouse-1 makes the change suggested by the query/error (for Tools-->Jeebies, this swaps he/be; for OCRfixr it makes the suggested correction).
    • Ctrl+Mouse-2/3 does the same, but also removes the query from the list (as Mouse-2/3 currently do).
    • Ctrl+Shift+Mouse-2/3 discards all queries that are identical to the clicked one but on a different line number. This is to quickly get rid of multiple wrong suggestions, and may be useful for other tools, such as Tools-->Bookloupe. Note it does not remove all errors of that type, just the ones that match exactly, e.g. it can remove all occurrences of "Query digit in 4to", but retain other digit queries.

Tools Menu

  • The display of match variants in the Spell Check dialog has been made clearer by adding additional words to the label instead of just a list of numbers, e.g. `3 exact, 2 case, 1 possessive, 4 hyphen in text.`instead of `3, 2, 1, 4 hyphens in text.`
  • Check Orphaned Brackets can now check `/X X/`, `/F F/`, `/I I/` and `/L L/`.
  • Basic Fixup is more conservative in operation and with the most risky options now unchecked by default. Thus "Fix up spaces around hyphens" and "Format ellipses correctly" will be unchecked when the menu is opened. "Fix up spaces around hyphens" only affects single hyphens, not longer dashes. "Remove space before periods" only affects single periods, not ellipses. Correction of ellipses is also more conservative in its approach, not adding a space before if there is one already, or if the ellipsis is followed by sentence-ending punctuation.

Stealth Scannos / Search Menu

  • Regex scannos now clear the case insensitive flag by default in the Search & Replace menu of Tools-->Stealth Scannos.

Search Menu (includes a NEW option)

  • The NEW Quick Count option (usually run with its shortcut key: Shift+Ctrl+b) displays the number of occurrences of the word(s) you've currently highlighted (selected). One example of its use is when you are resolving Proofer's Notes and are trying to determine whether an oddly-spelled word is a typo or the author's style. Instead of copy/pasting the word into another editor or temporarily changing the full "Search & Replace" dialog, you can just highlight the word and press Shift+Ctrl+b.


  • The PPhtml tool now outputs the line number where CSS was defined if it is warning about it potentially being unused.

Tool Bar

  • The Common Character dialog now has a small border to make it easier to click on and pop it to the front without inserting a character.

Edit Menu

  • The Surround Selection and Flood Fill dialogs are now wider to allow them to be picked up and moved.
  • The Surround Selection and Flood Fill dialogs now accept input from the Common Character and Compose Character dialogs.

Quotes/Bracket Highlighting moved from Preferences Menu to Search Menu

  • The Appearance-->Enable Quotes/Bracket Highlighting option has been moved to the Search menu with the other highlighting options. Ctrl+semicolon toggles the highlighting of quotes and brackets that surround the cursor, rather than the previous behavior where it was necessary to edit the text to make the highlighting show. Also, quotes no longer need to be on the same line, and curly single and double quotes are supported.

CSS Header File

  • The default CSS header file has improved support for indexes, indenting wrapped lines more clearly.

Right-Click Menu (NEW)

A new right-click menu has been added, containing Cut, Copy and Paste options as well as the Bookmarks submenu. In addition, the location of the right-click is used for the bookmark, the Paste position, and whether to overwrite previously selected text.

Release 1.3.1

Main Features

  • New option in File-->Content Providing menu to replace tabs, curly quotes and emdashes with acceptable equivalents.
  • Content-providing option to highlight characters in WF Character Count that are not in a list of enabled DP character suites. Also, ability to manage which charsuites are enabled/disabled. Characters in WF dialog can be Control-clicked to rapidly enable the appropriate character suite.
  • 99% Auto Page Separator Fixup now waits for the user to click Refresh before beginning processing.
  • User can now copy information from the Software Versions dialog.
  • Image width type: percent, em or px, when adding illustrations, is now saved between runs of the program.

Release 1.3.0

Text file support

HTML file support

  • Auto Illus Search now has the option to insert code for the current illustration and automatically find the next [Illustration] tag and load the next image file alphabetically, speeding up the insertion of illustration code.
  • Wrapping of indexes enclosed in `/I...I/` markup now assumes the text is formatted according to DP guidelines.

Unicode/UTF-8 support

  • Straight to curly quote conversion has been added to the Txt menu and is only intended for use on text files, not HTML files. This uses an enhanced version of the ppsmq algorithm: it detects ditto marks if they have double spaces before and after; quotes at start and end of line are always selected correctly. A Curly Quote Correction submenu has been added, which can be torn off to make a mini-dialog. It allows selection of the next @ line, flipping all double quotes in selection, rechoosing double quotes based solely on spacing, removal of @ signs, selection and conversion of unconverted single quotes, and insertion of four types of quote.
  • A Fraction conversion submenu has been added to the Tools menu, allowing conversion to Unicode fractions only, superscript/subscript form, or a mixture (Unicode fraction if it exists, otherwise superscript/subscript form).
  • Check Accents in the Word Frequency dialog now includes all accented characters from the Latin Extended A and B, and Latin Extended Additional Unicode blocks.
  • Greek characters with and without accents and breathing can be typed with Compose Key. All Greek letters are composed with `=`, followed by breathing, accent, subscript, letter if applicable, e.g. Compose=a for alpha, Compose=(a for alpha with breathing, etc.
  • Compose Sequence has been added to the Tools->Character Tools menu.

Page Labels/Markers

  • Configure Page Labels has been redesigned and can now cope with thousands of pages. Label can be selected and edited in the dialog, or by using the following shortcuts: Shift+Mouse-1 cycles Arabic/Roman/ditto; Control+Mouse-1 cycles Start@/+1/No Count; Double-click show page image. An Auto-Img button enables automatic page image display when a page is selected. Click and drag in the list to select and scroll, or use middle button drag for rapid scroll.
  • Insert Page Labels (as opposed to markers) added to the File->Project->Adjust Page Markers dialog and the Txt menu.


  • When EBookMaker is run, Guiguts now displays the busy cursor until it is completed. Any messages output by ebookmaker will be stored in the message log. If there are errors, the message log will be popped, but not if the conversion is successful.
  • Book title and author are passed to EBookMaker, so that they are included in the epub/Kindle files created.
  • Version 0.10.5 of ebookmaker is now included with Guiguts.

Content Providing


  • The font used in the menus, for labels, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc., can now be configured in Preferences->Appearance->Set Fonts. The default is to continue to use the system default. Note that it is not possible to change the font for the top menu bar.
  • Error checks in the Tools menu, e.g. Bookloupe, Jeebies, Tidy, etc. have a live count of the number of queries remaining in the list displayed in the top left corner.
  • The stickiness of Case, Regex, Whole word and Reverse options on the Search & Replace dialog can now be turned off in the Preferences menu.
  • The Regex entry field in Word Frequency has been made wider.
  • Improved icon shipped with release to be used for desktop shortcuts, etc.
  • Alt-up/down text moving feature removed.
  • Remote W3C Validation has been removed.


  • Packaging and installation for Mac platforms improved to avoid issues running unsigned binaries. Mac users can now easily build their own Jeebies binary.
  • Paths to tools are preserved better if the settings are copied from a previous release.

Release 1.2.4

Release 1.2.2

Release 1.2.1

Release 1.2.0

Improved HTML and epub generation

  • redesigned HTML Markup dialog includes buttons configurable via ‘ctrl-click’
  • readability of HTML pagenum and blockquote markup is improved
  • latest version of ebookmaker is bundled with the Windows release
  • ‘@media handheld’ is no longer included in generated HTML files (but you still can use it yourself)
  • DP Best Practices code is used for floated images
  • chapter separator horizontal rules are hidden on paged devices

Unicode characters


  • using F1 key in any dialog will display the relevant manual page
  • fonts may now be configured and displayed instantly for the main text window, Greek and Unicode dialogs, and text entry fields
  • shift-clicking on search buttons temporarily reverses the search direction
  • warnings and errors that used to only appear in the command window are saved and displayed in a message log
  • word count threshold for Word Frequency’s Ital/Bold/SC/etc button is saved, overriding default maximum of 4 words detected within those markup tags
  • the Word Frequency Ital/Bold/SC/etc button also checks cite, em, strong, f, g & u
  • auto-advance is now on by default for Stealth Scannos
  • view options are remembered when the Bookloupe dialog is closed, and the user’s default settings are loaded when Guiguts starts
  • options relating to content providing are now in a submenu of the File menu
  • items on the Status Bar have been reordered to support narrow windows

Operations sped up by factor of 3 or more

Removed in this version

  • old menu layout
  • old spellcheck layout
  • old rewrap algorithm
  • Gutcheck tool (replaced by Bookloupe)
  • Bookloupe run options dialog
  • functionality relating to proofers’ names
  • debug button in multilingual spelling

Release 1.1.1

  • Variation Selectors Unicode block is now available. These combining characters are generally not visible, but are in order VS1 to VS16. Hovering over the small squares or spaces where the characters are should also show you which is which.
  • Improvements made to Check for Updates dialog

Release 1.1.0

Improved HTML generation

  • poetry HTML generation matches DP Best Practices document
  • illustration code generated by Auto Illus Search or Image markup
    • adds id to the fig div based on the image filename
    • uses CSS classes instead of styles on image divs
    • width of image may be specified in percent or em
    • calculates max width for image to fit portrait or landscape screens
    • restricts max width to image’s natural size
    • optional override for percent width to 100% on handheld devices
  • ‘/I...I/’ or ‘/i...i/’ markup is used to generate an index
  • HTML/CSS for chapter headings works well for ePub formats
  • default ‘<hr>’ CSS defines margins to center correctly in ePub
  • uses id instead of ‘<a>’ element for anchors where possible
  • uses improved CSS for pagenums within bold/italic/sc markup
  • autotable uses CSS rather than HTML attributes
  • all-small-caps are detected and coded during HTML generation
  • HTML title wording puts book title first
  • HTML header updated with code for including cover

Improved Search & Replace functionality

  • a Count button (‘ctrl+b’) counts how many times the current search settings would find a match
  • number of replacement terms can be changed by the user
  • Search & Replace preserves the position of page markers
  • Search & Replace histories are now updated by all search, replace and count operations

Better UTF-8 support

  • Bookloupe tool is used as a replacement for Gutcheck by default
  • HTML generation defaults to keep UTF-8 chars and use CSS for blockquote
  • files are now treated as UTF-8 by default, rather than varying treatment depending on contents

Major packaging changes

  • instructions are given for installing and use on modern macOS
  • uses Strawberry Perl rather than old bundled version
  • includes latest version of EBookMaker, runnable from HTML menu
  • Jeebies tool is updated to latest version (0.15a - 2009)
  • ppvimage tool is updated to match new image size guidance
  • local CSS validation tool is updated to validate CSS3 or CSS2.1
  • ‘DPCustomMono2’ font replaced with instructions on getting ‘DP Sans Mono’
  • GitHub checkout can be used as a live release (developers/testers)

Other Changes

  • Tony Browne’s regex and Greek patches (aka 1.0.28) are included
  • new Keyboard Shortcuts are included:
    • ‘ctrl+o’ - open file
    • ‘ctrl+shift+s’ - save as...
    • ‘ctrl+j’ - goto line
    • ‘ctrl+b’ - count number of search/replace matches
    • ‘ctrl+w’ - rewrap selection
    • ‘ctrl+shift+w’ - block rewrap selection
    • ‘ctrl+m’ - indent +1
    • ‘ctrl+shift+m’ - indent -1
    • ‘ctrl+alt+m’ - indent +4
    • ‘ctrl+alt+shift+m’ - indent -4
    • ‘ctrl+e’ instead of ‘ctrl+o’ - flood fill
  • highlight quotes now includes curly quotes
  • output from external tools such as online ppcomp, pptext, etc., can be loaded into error check dialog and used for navigation
  • any number of External Operations can be defined in the Customs menu
  • Goto Line/Page dialogs can be closed with Escape key or close button
  • RST/PGTEI support and ‘EPub friendly’ check are removed

See Also

For information how to download and install Guiguts, please read this page