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About This Project

Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians is considered by most scholars to be the best general reference source on music in the English language. The first edition, edited by Sir George Grove (1820-1900), appeared in 1878 in four volumes. The second edition was edited by J.A. Fuller Maitland and was published between 1904 and 1910. This (in a 1926 reprint) is the edition being used for this UberProject.

Grove's Dictionary has been through several editions over the last century. The current edition, known as The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (2d ed.), edited by Stanley Sadie and John Tyrrell, was published in 2001, and runs to 29 volumes.

The edition we're working on at DP was published in five volumes, each volume about 800 pages, in two-column format. In order to make this project manageable, the columns have been split into separate pages, and each volume has been split into two parts (e.g., Volume 1A, 1B, etc.) of about 800 one-column pages each.

Because this is a multi-volume UberProject, special instructions and guidelines for proofing and formatting have been formulated to ensure consistency. In addition, the Grove's Dictionary Uber-Thread, and the Project Comments and Discussion for each volume, are important sources of guidance for those working on Grove's. Yet another good resource is the Grovers Team Thread, where you can post music questions/comments and get to know your fellow Grovers.

JulietS is the Content Provider for the Grove's Dictionary Uber-Project; LCantoni will be the Project Manager and Post-Processor. Many thanks to velkvelk for putting this project together in the initial stages!

Music Transcription

Grove's Dictionary is rich in musical illustrations, which has been processed separately from the text by volunteers using their favorite software. Note: The transcription project for Volume 1A is now closed.