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General Formatting Instructions and Guidelines

Below are special instructions for the Grove's Dictionary UberProject. Please refer to the general DP Formatting Guidelines for anything not covered here. Some of the items below are intentional deviations from the DP Guidelines.

Please post any formatting questions in the Project Discussion for the particular volume you're working on. For questions/comments pertaining to the Grove's UberProject as a whole, please post in the Grove's Dictionary Uber-Thread.

Font Styles

You will find lots of italics and small caps in this project.

  • Entry headers (i.e., the first word(s) of an entry) should be rendered as they appear, in ALL CAPS.
  • Entries for the names of people should have the person's last name in ALL CAPS, and his/her first and middle names in ALL CAPS and marked as small caps, as in the scan.
  • The initials at the end of each entry should be ALL CAPS and marked as small caps.

An example of a correctly formatted (abridged) entry:

AARON, <sc>Pietro</sc>, spelt <sc>Aron</sc> in works published after his
death, born at Florence in the later part of the 15th Century.... He became a
canon of Rimini about 1523, and died before 1545. <sc>C.F.P.</sc>

A.M. and P.M. in small caps should be marked <sc>A.M.</sc> and <sc>P.M.</sc>


Please put TWO blank lines between each entry.

Please treat each letter section (A, B, C, etc.) as a new chapter (4 blank lines).

Music Illustrations

Please mark music notation as [Music].

If there is a header, a caption, or lyrics, include the text in the markup, e.g. [Music: Example 1.]

When moving music or other illustrations to the nearest paragraph, please be sure to delete any blank lines left between lines of text as a result of the move.

Where a music illustration is actually part of a sentence, please leave it where it appears. If you're not sure, leave it where it appears and leave a [**note].

Example of music notation in a sentence:

Thus of the two

[Music] and [Music]

notes the former of which is produced by 512....

Please don't enter Lilypond code in the rounds; the music notation is being processed separately. If you can use music notation software such as Finale Notepad, Lilypond, or other software, your help will be much appreciated--please visit the special PGDP Grove's Dictionary Wiki.

Other Issues

Please use numbers for footnotes, even if symbols are used in the original.

Please format superscripts with a carat and curly brackets, e.g., ye should be formatted as y^{e}.

Format non-music illustrations and tables according to the DP Formatting Guidelines.