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Your simplified checklist


  1. Register for a DP account
  2. Log in at the DP website
  3. Read the Proofreading Guidelines, or print out the Handy Guide
  4. From the navigation bar at the top of the DP webpage, go to the P1 page
  5. Scroll down to the list of projects (books) currently available, and pick a project to work on. There are certain projects set aside for beginners; these are marked BEGINNERS ONLY.
  6. Read the Project Comments
  7. If you like the project, select "Start Proofreading" (which appears below the project comments) to start work on a single page
  8. Use the Proofing Interface to make the text match what's shown in the page image
    • When Proofreading, do not worry about indentation, extra spaces between words or blank spaces at the beginning or end of a line. Do not worry about marking italics, boldface, or other Formatting aspects of the text. Just make sure all the letters and punctuation are there, the lines break correctly, etc. Refer to the Proofreading Guidelines for all the details!
    • No matter what you think is correct English, Do not edit the book: Make it match the original!
    • If you don't want to keep your work, choose "Return Page to Round"
    • If you cannot read certain words, or are confused about something on the page, post a message on the project thread for that project
    • If you want to save the page as a work in progress and return later to finish it, choose "Save as 'In Progress'"
    • If you have finished the page, choose "Save as 'Done'"

To see the steps of this process illustrated, try out the DP Walkthrough.