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Candidates for Distributed Proofreaders Foundation Board Members (2011)

In 2011, Greg Newby's term, and one of rfrank or fvandrog will have a term expiring, so there will be at least two vacancies to be filled (forumpost:674775). Candidates are:

It seems likely that these two will be declared elected unopposed.

See the "2011 Meet the Candidates" forum.

Candidates for Distributed Proofreaders Foundation Board Members (2010)

As announced by JulietS on 21 April 2010 (forumtopic:43626) elections for three new Board members were held from 9 May to 19 May, 2010. This was to replace TheEileen, who was not seeking re-election, and to expand the size of the Board from five to seven. Candidates were:

  • donovan (David Garcia) was elected
  • DMkazoo (Deirdre Menchaca) was elected
  • Gorok (Alexander Bauer)
  • tenaj (Janet Blenkinship) was elected
  • zarabee (Zara Baxter)

See the election announcement, candidate statements and voting discussion for details.

Candidates for Distributed Proofreaders Foundation Board Members (2009)

The candidates, in alphabetical order by username, are listed below along with link to pages expressing their own personal viewpoints and their wiki user pages.

Candidate Viewpoint page User page
fvandrog Board Candidate fvandrog User:Fvandrog
jhutch Board Candidate jhutch (no personal page)
rfrank Board Candidate rfrank User:Rfrank
Simple Simon Board Candidate Simple Simon (no personal page)
TheEileen Board Candidate TheEileen User:TheEileen



DP-INT production statistics

Note: Please keep in mind that these stats do not include their production statistics from other sister sites (like DP Canada), their involvement in mentoring, proofing/foofing coordination, or other non-readily-numeric contributions.

User name Projects Created Projects Posted Projects PPed Projects PPVed
fvandrog 112 50 23 264
jhutch 547 310 77 0
rfrank 340 112 240 12
Simple Simon 9 1 15 0
TheEileen 15 3 0 0


Other contributions




  • Designer of post-processing tools.

Simple Simon

  • The GM for DP-Canada.


  • Den mother for F1 foofers.
  • Active (and frequent) contributor to dp-feedback.

Eileen writes:

  • I have a full-time job and an actual social life (the latter snuck up on me); I freely admit this often means I don't have as much time for DP as I would like.
  • I am on two other boards. My Local Library Guild (it's always books with me) and as the Secretary of the Board of the Vista Expertise Network.
  • I have worked on the Drama Masterclass for the Formatters and have Poetry in my sights (but alas, it is likely to be months before I'm done).

My main goal is to define DP's main goal and then elect a competent and task-oriented General Manager and set them loose to accomplish that goal.