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(2009) Roger Frank, or rfrank

Personal statement

rfrank: Roger Frank

In 2005, I discovered DP. I found it to be a place where many people could contribute in many ways. Since then, my personal contribution has been primarily in post-processing and in writing software tools to assist in post-processing. I've also enjoyed working with newcomers through over 100 Newcomers Only books so far. Currently I am a semi-retired high-school teacher and volleyball coach. Before that, I was in the world of computer engineering, both as a direct contributor and as a director of a major computer manufactuer. My education includes an MBA, an MA in Education, and a BS in Computer and Electronic Engineering. I hope to contribute even more to DPs mission in the future.


(All of these excerpts are cited from the Discussion of DP Foundation Board Restructuring forum thread. They are posted in roughly chronological order. Any questions asked by other community members are in italics. The excerpts were chosen to show the candidate's viewpoints and philosophy, while clarifications and asides were avoided.)

(Could not find any distinct statements from the candidate on that thread.)