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Common Problems

  • you can't proof at all.
  • you keep getting the same page to proof.
  • you can't log out of the Forum.
  • you can proof only a page or two, then the system bounces you back to the login page.

Most of these can be corrected by properly setting up your browser.


See DP's list of Supported Browsers.

For best results, your browser should be set up with the following options:

  • Cookies accepted/on
  • Javascript enabled*

Also, if in your User Prefs, "Launch in New Window" is set to "Yes", you must:

  • allow pop-ups(and make sure pop-ups are not being blocked by another utility).


  • PC clock set to correct date & time. While not a browser option, if your PC's clock is way out in the future, your cookies may expire as soon as they arrive, stopping you from logging in or proofing, etc. Make sure your PCs clock is correct!

Setting these options correctly solves most problems in using the site. Sometimes, however, a firewall or proxy (on your PC, LAN, or ISP) caches pages, which results in your getting the same page to proof over and over.

At the current rate of development, all browsers change fairly frequently. If you need instructions on how to change settings in your browser, please check the documentation for that browser.

See also: Having troubles with image display.