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DP Official Documentation - General

The developers and system administrators strive to support a wide range of users and web browsers. We can't, however, develop for and support every version of every web browser. This page documents the known browser support.

Minimum browsers versions

The following should be considered the lowest known supported browser versions for

  • Chrome 50
  • Firefox 50
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera 40
  • Safari 10

Internet Explorer 11 is not supported as of 31 Dec 2020. IE11 users are strongly encouraged to move to one of the supported browsers above.

Factors influencing version support

The following factors enter into which browsers we support:

HTML5 and CSS3 support
Software developers code against "modern browsers" that support HTML5 and CSS3.
Format Preview and the Proofreading Toolbox make use of Web Storage.
DP Sans Mono and DejaVu Sans Mono are provided as web fonts.
Javascript support
The DP Unicode implementation relies on string normalization and the use of String.prototype.normalize() in Javascript for browser-side validation.
Developers use jQuery as a Javascript library. The version of jQuery used doesn't support IE <=8, Opera <=12.1x, and Safari <=5.1+.
SSL server settings
The web server is configured to ensure secure communication with web browsers by not using old, deprecated encryption ciphers. This limits which web browsers we can support.
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